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The Coalition of Aligned Corporations or COAC as they are normally referred to is an alliance of close to 160 corporations that formed on 30th September 2654 and ceded from the the Terran Confederation on 7th December 2792 as part of an effort to remove themselves from Confederate oversight. The alliance itself maintains an overall ‘Board of Directors’ whom are responsible for the actual governance of the alliance and the laws that govern it, they are also responsible for the appointment of new High Court Judges every 10 standard years.


Tank’s, you ask a normal person what the word means and most will point to an artificially gestated and created sub-species of humanity rather than the ground based vehicle designed to carry a large ass gun and blow things away and the reason for that goes back simply to the ‘code name’ given to the original project that created them and the Confederate and Coalition’s attempts to keep what they were doing ‘off’ the books. Let’s face it most senators and the like who see something marked ‘Project TANK’ would have at the time just assumed it was for a weapon rather than Tank or ‘Vat’ grown humans, the military and corporations playing ‘god’ and the thing is though that they kind of succeeded in what they were doing not that it was necessarily ‘hard’ for the first batch.

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What would you do if you could reach out and effect reality? It is a question that every person who has the Talent must ask themselves, for if they do not and cannot answer the inherent questions born from that single question than their ability will consume them. Let us start with what the talent is shall we? Unlike what some of the more backwards and superstitious members of our society might believe the Talent is not magic at least not in the sense of speaking words and incantations or summoning demons, rather if one looks at what history survived our planet fall of Earth and its history the Talent is an expansion on what some called psionic ability and why a large amount of our population seems to have an inherent ability to use it is something we cannot fully understand except that it may have something to do with the events that happened during planet fall, but we will study that later. As I was saying the talent appears to be a form or rather is psionic’ s and explains the large amount of manifestations that appear amongst our population. At the base level most talent users appear to have what the ancient records term ‘psychokinesis’ of various levels most with an affinity towards certain elemental types. Others manifest the talents of Empathic reading and a rare few telepathic ability.

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So I’ve started the transfer and update of pages for the Unity setting here. So far most of the Tech based articles that could be found on the website can be found on here now.

Over the next few weeks you should see the rest of the core pages moved and than the addition of new pages. Hopefully once my WACOM is back and I can get to work on some sketches we’ll also see some new ship designs.

Coming Soon.

At the moment Warriors Blood is still being reuploaded. It’s going to take a little bit of time!

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