''Proper Name:'' Arai Dale\n''Ruler:'' Coronal Melbeli El’siara\n''Coat of Arms:'' A Golden Tree.\n''Government:'' Elvish Monarchy\n''Capital:'' Aradale (Pop. 12,561)\n''Major Cities:'' Temples Edge (11,491), Elfswood (8,210), Salvaka (7,210), Sulic Harbour (8,972), Bantal (4,310), Vesalt Mines (732).\n''Population:'' 845,899 (25.00% Human, 19.00% Elf, 2.00% Drow, 27.00% Half Elf, 7.00% Dwarf, 5.00% Halfling, 8.00% Gnome, 3.00% Half Orc, 4.00% Other.\n''Working Population:'' 507,539\n''Resources:''\n* ''Exports:'' Timber, Star Metal, Flour, Elven Weapons and Armor, Elven Artwork.\n* ''Imports:'' Metals, Luxury Items, Weapons, Foodstuffs. \n''Coinage:'' Nevermorian, Dragon Pence (PP), Royal Pence (GP), Silver Pence (EP), Half Pence (SP), Copper Penny (CP). \n''Languages:'' Common, Silderuin (elvish) \n''Bonus Languages:'' Coramyrian, Morathian, , Ruinthica (dwarvish), Kinalda (Gnomish), Hyindali (Halfling), Orcish.\n''Starting Equipment: ''\n* A Master Work Longbow and 50 Arrows\n* A master work Longsword and Leather Armor\n* Two scrolls of containing any 2 first level spells of your choice and a potion of healing. \n''Religions:'' The Primary deities of worship within Aradale are the Elven Patheneon, however most other gods are worshiped as well.\n''Allies:'' Silkdale, Silverway, Sildara, Fordsdale, Mithral Holding.\n''Enemies:'' Scarlet Brothers, Knights of the Dark Mask, Lolths Chosen, The Cult of the Dark Elves, The Arnalian’s\n\n''Overview:'' One of the oldest nations within Aran, aradale is undoubtedly a pleasant place to live given it’s southern latitude. It experiences extremely mild winters though it’s summer season see’s frequent storms that batter the coastal regions of the nation. \n\nAradale the nations capital is situated on the west coast and acts as one of the primary ports for the region, a mixed city of elves and humans for the main part the city’s design reflects such with elegant designs mixed with the more common work done by the human population. The city itself is situated on the great cliffs spanning both sides with two long bridges allowing travel between, build high enough that ships may pass below.\n\nSulic Harbour is perhaps one of the most busiest harbours of the region, it’s location within the Silver bay gives it a sheltered harbour that allows it to function with little to no interruption except during the height of the spring and autumn storm season. \n\nEliswood and the Wesali mines experience perhaps the worst weather conditions during the year the first experiencing blistering summers though it’s farmland makes it an important town in the region while the Wesali mines experience freezing winters often enough to kill a man should he stay exposed for to long a period of time. Yet it remains populated due to the large star metal deposits found within the mountains near by.\n\n''Military:'' Aradale has a large standing army for it’s size, comprised of a single force unlike most other nations the Mithral Shields as they are known stand at the time of this writing at 21,147 battle ready soldiers most of whom have seen at least one or more engagements given the frequent raiding the eastern part of the country see’s from the Arnalian Horde and the forces of the Cult of the Dark Elves who commonly raid from the ancient Elven Trails. As such a large bulk of Aradale’s army is situated in the town of Eliswood who’s fifteen foot high walls where built to help in it’s defense. \n\nAt present it is believed that a total of 850 Light Cavalry, 2,000 Bowmen, 1,500 Pikemen, 500 Spearmen and 3,000 Armsmen supported by 200 Mages and clerics are located within and around Eliswood, many actually spread out along the watch towers which run from the southern most peak of the Gods Fingers to within 20 miles of the Elven Trails. The remaining forces are split between the other towns and cities though both Sulic and Aradale have the support of a small number (10 in each town) of knights and paladins whom are often used as justicar’s to maintain the peace within the cities themselves. \n\n''History:'' The second oldest elven nation in existence Aradale was founded well over 15,000 years ago when the Elves first left silverway and made their way across mainland Aran. \n\nOriginally known as the Tel’Arandelsa province it was not until after the first great elven wars that Aradale became a nation in it’s own right, and even then it has fasted many trials over this time. \n\nWhen the Orc March first began and appeared from the south, it was Aradale that took much of the brunt of it’s attacks, loosing a good fourth of it’s lands, this was only compounded as the Arnalian Horde at it’s strongest flooded from the east, almost breaking the small nations defenses, it was only through quickly formed alliances with the fledgling human nations to the north and through the support of it’s founding nation Silverway that both forces where stopped from taking more land. \n\nAt the end of the period of troubles Aradale once more began to spread, retaking land that it had lost along with expanding it’s borders further to the south, however it was shortly after this period that with the rising number of half elf births and the larger population base the southern most province of Aradale ceded from it’s parent nation, becoming what is now Silkdale. \n\nAt first efforts where made to recover the errant province however fearing another long war the coronal of the time choose not to do so with the might of arms. After several attempts where rebuked, the nation recognize Silkdale as a sovereign state and has since gone on to form close ties with the nation that allow for trade and mutual defense against both the Arnalian Horde and the Drow incursions that continue to plague both nations. \n\nIn more recent times Aradale has faced two small border conflicts with Coramyr, the first was almost nine hundred years ago, when Coramyr took half of what is now Fords Dale from the Elves, the later was roughly Five Hundred years ago, yet could actually be called anything but a conflict as the forces sent by both nations refused to fight and instead ceded the land captured by Coramyr four hundred years previous and a small section of Aradale to form a new nation now known as Fords Dale. Coramyr at the time was still feeling the strain of loosing it’s northern most province Ciramyr and could not spare the resources to actually attempt to retake the land it had just lost and Aradale, saw that the new nation could actually work to their favour and granted them sovereignty.\n\nSince then the nation has seen only minor border disputes however recent indications suggest that once more an orc army is marshalling to the south and are quiet possibly in league with the Arnalian’s.\n\n''Plots and Rumors:''\n* A experienced scout was recently sent south to investigate the orc reports, they have not been heard from since, some say they have been captured. The coronal has offered a reward to anyone who brings back information on what happened to the scout.\n\n* Border disputes between Fordsdale and Coramyr continue to occur and appear to be growing greater with each year. The fall of their northern nature is not in Aradale’s best interest’s and such has been made known. It is rumored that a small force may be sent north to act as agents.\n
Harlath is known to be but one world or reality. \n\nIt’s skies are filled with stars like all, and Elinastri’s face shows at night while Solista’s does during the day, Both rise in the east and set in the west. Among the night sky one can see among the stars four distinct “worlds” it is believed that these worlds may each support it’s own life, each one raises roughly three hours after the other, with Ilseluna being the first to be seen. \n\nThough many attempts have been made to teleport to these worlds none have succeeded in doing so. It is known that it takes the sun and the moon 24 bell tolls to go through their cycles, thus making each day 24 hours long, and that the span of each season, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring takes 364 days to pass, thus giving Aran the same year span of a normal world. \n\nAran divides it’s days into 12 months each 30 days in length and four holidays which are celebrated at the start of each new session, each month is then divided into three ten day weeks. The names of the Months are: \n\n[img[images/aran-main.jpg][images/aran-main-large.jpg]]\n\n''Summer:''\n* Brisun \n* Midensun\n* Annual Holiday: Summers feast \n* Suned \n''Autunm: ''\n* Chillwarn \n* Havern \n* Annual Holiday: Harvests End \n* Leafall \n''Winter: ''\n* Lessersun \n* Coldheart \n* Annual Holiday: Winters Rest \n* Winters claw \n''Spring: ''\n* Chillsend \n* Plantsbirth \n* Annual Holiday: Sping Told \n* Bloomwent\n \nDays on the other hand are known simply as the first day of Winterclaw or the Tenth day of Bloomingtime, every ninth day of a week is considered family day and workers are given it off in most nations to spend time with their families while every tenth day is considered to be Temple day and is again in most lands considered to be a day with out work so that people may spend it going about the worship of their chosen deity. \n\nThe actual passing of each day is measured by the great water clock’s of the gnomes, these clocks are accurate to within a few seconds and each temple generally uses a water clock to set it’s bell ringing to, Generally the sun raises and sets across Aran at the same point no matter where you are, though the amount of day hours vs night hours changes based on the season that is in effect, the hours are listed below: \n\n<html>\n<table width="200">\n<tr><td>Season</td><td>Day Hours</td><td>Night Hours</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Summer</td><td>17</td><td>7</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Autumn</td><td>12</td><td>12</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Winter</td><td>10</td><td>14</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Spring</td><td>13</td><td>11</td></tr>\n</table>\n</html>\n\n\nThe marking of years\n\nAran marks it’s years in three major forms, one is the Great Calandar, by which 12,398 Years have passed. This is based on the Dragons Calander, the Elven Calander starts at 5982 Years old, the final is the Human Calander which was created durring the last set of desturbances within nevermore and is known as the New Era calander, by this calander the present date is 1107 N.E.
Also known as the Eternal Battlefield, it is here that the Gods are meant to wage their wars bettween one another rather then letting their acts harm the Material plane. However this is often less then the case as the Blood War and many other events have shown, when the gods go to war for more then just games, then nothing not even the Material plane is safe. \n\nArcheron follows the rules of Archeron in the DMG. \n\nNote: Magic is harder to cast here, all Caster Level Checks are Considered to be at -4 Caster Level, if this removes the ability to cast a spell (you fall below of the Required Caster level) Then you may not use that spell within this plane.
Home of the elves, the eternal lands, it is to here that Elves and good drow find themselves when they burn from their bodies and take the walk into the heavens. \n\nResiding Gods: Corellon & the Elven Pathenon\n
''Proper Name:'' The Shire of Burrows \n''Ruler:'' Matriarch Helian Fleetfoot (CN Hlf Fem, Rog 10, Arist 5) \n''Coat of Arms:'' Green Hill with a Burrow in the center. \n''Government:'' Monarchy \n''Capital:'' Burrow Downs (Population 20,342) \n''Major Cities:''\n* Marinbel (Pop. 9,493, Mayor: Matriarch Relam Glitterfingers (LN Gnome Male, Wiz 10))\n''Population:'' 3,249,018 (18% human, 4% Half Elven, 2% Elven, 2% Drow, 36% Halfling, 24% Gnome, 2% Half Orc 7% Dwarven, 2% Orc, 2% Other)\n''Working Population:'' 1,949,411\n''Resources: ''\n* Exports: Gemstones, Tubac, Pipeweed, Herbs, Wood, Coal, Magical Items, Luxury Items. \n* Imports: Metals, Luxury Items, Weapons, Foodstuffs. \n''Coinage:'' Nevermorian, Dragon Pence (PP), Royal Pence (GP), Silver Pence (EP), Half Pence (SP), Copper Penny (CP). \n''Languages:'' Common, Coramyrian, Kinalda (Gnomish) Hyindali (Halfling).\n''Bonus Languages:'' Morathian, Rookies, Oeridunthic, Silderune, Ruinthica (dwarvish), Orcish \n''Starting Equipment: ''\n* Two Master Work Daggers \n* Two wands of Magic Missiles \n* Two Potions of Cure Light wounds and a Wand of Color Spray. \n''Religions:'' Any Good Aligned God plus any god of the Dwarven, Halfling or Gnome Patheneons, Yondalla is the primary god of worship.\n''Allies:'' Larindor, Mithral Holdings, Sildara, Knights of Yondalla. \n''Enemies:'' The nine hells, Rook City State, Scarlet Brothers, Knights of the Dark Mask, Gruumish’s Sons. \n\nOverview: The nation of Halfling’s and Gnomes, Burrowshire is perhaps one of the most tranquil and pleasant nations to live in other then those ran by the elves. It could be said that the entire nation as a whole has an almost slow feeling to it at least on the surface, from within it’s boarders though comes some of the worlds best herbs, ale and pipeweed’s. \n\nSituated North East of Larindor and West of Sildara, Burrow Shire has since it’s inception been the one place in the world where Gnomes and Halfling’s need not worry about being treated as children or a under class, it’s capital Burrows Shire is built into the hill like land around it, with no true walls protecting the city rather the halfling’s have chosen to blend much of their housing in with the surrounding country side and apart from the human buildings, Farms, Warehouses and the small Larindorian embassy the city has extremely few buildings above ground. Under the surface however the city extends extensively out for almost five miles, with housing, Industry and Learning centers all kept within great halls that where constructed by a mixture of Gnome and Dwarven workmanship. The lands around Burrow Downs is primarily used for the growing of Tubac and other herbs, though the area to the north is used for the farming of Barley and Grapes. Tubac is used primarily for the creation of Pipe Weed though and Burrow Weed as it is called or Shire Weed is considered to be the best form of pipe weed that can be brought anywhere in Aran, and is one of the largest forms of Income for the nation. \n\nThe Second of the main towns of Burrows is it’s port Marinbel, which is built far more to standard human construction, though again is not walled like most cities and is home to the Gnomish Workshops. It is from here that many of the newer inventions of the realm have come yet it is not just Gnomes that work within the great sprawling laboratories and libraries, but a mix of all races who work to produce a better world for all. \n\nOne major ruins within the nation, the underground ruins of the Gnome City Glainhain which most these days call only the Gnome Rest Dungeon.\n\nMilitary: Burrows Shire maintains only a small standing army, 16,245 in total, though this number is actually deceptively small, as 3,249 of that total belonging to the Knights of Yondalla and the Knights of Garl Glittergold. This gives the nation a large force of experienced, troops.\n\nIn the time since it’s founding Burrows has seen hundreds if not thousands of conflicts, this has lead to it’s army being anything but green untried troops, constant incursions from drow forces attacks from Hawkmoore and even Orc barbarians has meant that the Burrows dedicated military force is highly trained. Most of the force is stationed either at the capital, Burrow Downs or at Maribell though a number of the standing military are spread along the north - south trade road between the two cities.\n\nHistory: Burrows first founding is hard to pinpoint to a single year or date, though it did occur roughly 14,400 years ago about the same time as the elven migration to Aran and the Dwarven Nations appearance on the surface of Aran. Along with what was then the Gnomish nation of Glain, the Burrows has occupied much of the area it does now for as long as any can remember. \n\nThe nation has however seen many turbulent years, the first Elven Wars saw much of it’s lands damaged, as floods ruined crops and elven magic destroyed cities and towns, sending much of the realm into a state of starvation, it was only through the aid of the Glain and Mithral Holdings that the nations population was not completely decimated.\n\nWhen the wars ended both Burrows and Glain became targets for Drow raids, these assaults lead eventually to the destruction of Glain and the merging of most of it’s population with the Burrows, seeing that the Drow could quiet well bring about their own destruction the Halfling’s of the Burrows, made a mutual defense agreement with Mithral Holdings, and as the Elven nation of Sildara was a trade partner another alliance was made with them. \n\nThough plagued by raids and small skirmishes the Burrows is actually a pleasant place, it’s primary industry of Tubac production makes it a rich and prosperous land, as Tubac is used in the creation of pipe weed and a number of medical applications. \n\nIt is not uncommon to find Burrow Downs Weed in almost any location in Aran and even in some places beyond the land itself as it is often exported on ships heading for ports further away. \n\nThe second reason for Burrows continual existence and indeed part of why the Dwarves are more then ready to come to their aid is the fact that for centuries the Shire has supplied Mithral Holding with not only pipe weed but also with barley for ale production, fruit and grapes for the production of mithral ice wine along wheat and meat for food. \n\nRecently however the Burrows has had a small upset when it’s southern most holdings, where suddenly wrest from it’s control when the City of Kazanpardra appeared from the plane of Limbo, how this cities appearance beyond the small amount of space that it has claimed will effect the Shire is as of yet unknown.\n\n''Plots and Rumors: ''\nThere are rumors that the gnome’s second bloodline was not destroyed and has rather been trapped in Gnomes Rest, if this is true the Gnomes will pay greatly to have it investigated. \n\nMany are concerned over the appearance of Kazanpardra who are these people? And more so, what do they want?
Home of many of those gods whom act for the forces of Good, Celista is said to be a beautiful place where all that is good exists and rules, it is split into several islands each island ruled by a diety and a number make this realm their home though Elinastri and Mystral are considered to be the true lords of this realm. \n\nResiding Gods: Elinastri, Gildor, Tyr, Mystral, Solista, Yondalla, Valkauna, Ellisa \n
''Proper Name:'' Ciramyr\n''Ruler:'' Lady Bella Delsworth \n''Coat of Arms:'' A split river fork.\n''Government:'' Noble Council ruled by one lord\n''Capital:'' Palmarin (Population: 15,350)\n''Major Cities:'' \n* Sarin (Population: 7,210)\n* Valadin (Population 5,310)\n''Population:'' 1,251,849 (67.00% human, 5.00% Elven, 1.00, Drow, 6.00% Half Elven, 4.00% Dwarven, 3.00% Halfling, 3.00% Gnome, 7.00% Half Orc, 1.00%, Orc, 3.00% other)\n''Working Population:'' 751,109\n''Resources: ''\n''Exports:'' Iron ore, Wheat, Barley, Fish, Gold, Silver\n''Imports:'' Timber, Exotic Items, Finished Goods, Foodstuffs.\n''Coinage:'' Coramyrian, Platinum Dragon (PP), Gold Dragon (GP), Bronze Dragon (EP), Silver Dragon (SP), Copper Dragon (CP). \nGolden Bar (50lb Golden Trade Bar, worth 1000 Gold in all nations but the Rook), Mithral bar (25lb Mithral Trade bar worth 10,000 Gold in all nations but the rook)\n''Languages:'' Common, Coramyrian, \n''Bonus Languages:'' Morathian, Oeridunthic, Silderune, Ruinthica (Dwarven), Kinalda (Gnomish), Hyindali (Halfling), Orcish\n''Starting Equipment:''\n* A long Sword, Leather armor and 2 potions of curer minor wounds.\n* A wand of Magic missile, a Wand of grease and a scroll with 2 spells of your choice of 1st level\n* A light horse\n''Religions:'' Any.\n''Allies:'' The church of Tempest.\n''Enemies:'' The Black Claw, The Dark Masts, Cult of the Dark God, The Red Legion.\n\n''Overview:'' Ciramyr is unique in some ways given that it has an abundance of farming land and is situated primarily on a river that provides it with much of the resources that it requires to actually survive. A land of open plains with little in the way of forests or large tree groupings, the nation itself stretches the area between Larindor’s western most region south to Coramyr’s northern most regions. Covering much of the area along and around the Palamor and Val Rivers. \n\nIt experiences mild winters the worst inland towards the mountain ranges which can at times fall below freezing point, while the southern regions normally have far warmer winters, springs that bring heavy rains and at times devastating storms from the sea but provide renewal for the lands, warm but pleasant summers which provide a good growing season and pleasant autumns punctured only by the occasional tornado that hits this region frequently in that season. \n\nIt’s Three major cities are all located along an area that runs near the two rivers, the capital Paimarin is located on the mouth of the Palamore River and is one of two ports that the nation operates, Valradin in the north being the second but cooler winters can cause it to be more hazardous though it’s sheltered harbour and the depth of the water around it gives Valradin near on year round access. \n\nThe final town is Sarin located on the main trade way between Larindor and Coramyr and is a frequent stop for traders and others whom travel the route. A wall city it has stood the tests of many orc and even dragon attacks since the nations founding.\n\n''Military:'' While a young nation in many respects the nation of Ciramyr has a standing military of 12,518 Troops, most of whom a stationed at garrisons in the three major cities, though a sizable force of 5,000 troops are kept at the border keep south of Railings incase Coramyr attempts to ride north at any stage and to help protect the trade road. \n\nThe military itself is commanded by the present leader of the nation however it is not uncommon for one of the noble council to actually be given the position of commanding the force, and for the last one hundred and fifty years the Noble house Hammings has filled that role. \n\nUnlike most nations in the vicinity however Ciramyr’s military is not Unisexual, instead only males may enlist in the regular army something which may with the first Lady lord in charge soon change.\n\n''History:'' Originally part of Coramyr and once two provinces Ciramyr ceded from it’s parent roughly 800 years ago, during the Coramyrian Civil war, when the nobles of the provinces refused to become involved. Since that time, it has faced a number of assaults not only from Coramyr to try and retake it, but also from Orc and Dragon lead hordes originating from the mountains to the nations East. \n\nIt is perhaps the frequent raids of the orc’s that has lead to the nations large half orc population, but what ever the reason the Lords council have long recognized that a Half Orc makes a better fighter in most part then a human or even an elf, as such most half orc’s are urged to join the military and indeed many of the better commanders and even two generals are of orc or half orc lineage.\n\nRecently the Lady Bella Delsworth has taken the throne as the ruler of Ciramyr, the first female ruler to do so, it has caused quiet a stir though her father Lord Derran Delsworth made it clear that nothing within the nations laws prevent a women from sitting as the Lord of the Realm, only from serving in the military. \n\nAlready she has began to enact changes in the laws which have caused a number of lords to object both publicly and privately such as the removal of forced indentured servitude for women, the outlawing of slavery and it is rumored that she has also began to make avenues for the opening of the military to the women population whom can at the time of this writing only serve within the Militia.\n\n''Plots and Rumors:''\nThere are whispers that some one or something is building in the mountains to the east unknown to the dwarves or to larindor. Are these rumors true?\n\nCoramyr could care less these days of actually taking Ciramyr back having enough problems to the south and to the east, however there are those in Ciramyr who would profit from having the border disputes turn into outright war, some say they are even trying to spark such an event happening.
Cooper elves or Wood elves as they where once known and are still at times called, are reclusive but less so then the Green Elves, as such they are more known. There name comes from the Copper colored skin that they normally have which is often tinged with green. They have brown, green or hazel eye. Their hair is normally a blond or black with blond and coppery red also found from time to time. \n\nThe Cooper elves often travel outside of the two great forests to act as rangers and scouts for the lands, Indeed Amilla Lightfeet the Female Elven ex council member of Larindor was a Cooper Elf.\n\nCopper Elves have the following racial traits in addition to those of an elf in the PHB except where note:\n* +2 Strength, -2 Intelligence\n* Favored Class: Scout or Ranger This trait replaces the PHB elf favored class\n* Automatic Languages: Common, Silderune, Elven\n* Bonus Languages: Any
This book and all material contained within other then the D20 SRD information is copyright 2001 - 2006 by Robert Graham. It may not be reproduced, reused or redistributed with out prior concent of the author.\n\nThe author does not give the right for this book to be reproduced in any other electronic medium, you may print a copy of the book for your personal use only.\n\n[[OGL LICENSE]]\n\n''Credits''\n\n''world design''\nRobert Graham\nJason Harmer\nKazahpardra was originally designed by Jason & Nathan Harmer.\n\n''Play Testing:'' \nRobert Graham\nJason Harmer\nSouthy\nPeter Bowden\n\n''Art Work''\nRobert Graham\nKristi Bowers\nJason Harmer\nPeter Bowden\n\n''Books Design''\nRobert Graham\n
''Proper Name:'' The Dragon Nation Coramyr\n''Ruler:'' Queen Altura Embra\n''Coat of Arms:'' A Golden Dragon\n''Government:'' Monarchy\n''Capital:'' Aribellia (35,182)\n''Major Cities:''\n* Tyral (6,721)\n* Highmoon (8,910)\n* Wailing Ford(4,310)\n* Esper (5,334).\n''Population:'' 6,890,735 (38.00% Human, 7.00% Elven, 6.00% Drow, 16.00% Half Elven, 6.00% Dwarf, 12.00% Halfling, 8.00% Gnome, 3.00% Half Orc 2.00% Orc, 2.00% (Other)\n''Working Population:'' 4,134,441\n''Resources: ''\n* Exports: Timber, Steel, Iron, Mithral, Copper, Grains, Finished Goods, Soldiers.\n* Imports: Luxury Items, Food stuffs.\n''Coinage:'' Coramyrian, Platinum Dragon (PP), Gold Dragon (GP), Bronze Dragon (EP), Silver Dragon (SP), Copper Dragon (CP). \n* Golden Bar (50lb Golden Trade Bar, worth 1000 Gold in all nations but the Rook), Mithral bar (25lb Mithral Trade bar worth 10,000 Gold in all nations but the rook)\n''Languages:'' Common, Coramyrian, \n''Bonus Languages:'' Morathian, Oeridunthic, Silderune, Ruinthica (Dwarven), Kinalda (Gnomish), Hyindali (Halfling), Orcish\n''Religions:'' Any, Bahamut is the State backed religion though.\n''Allies:'' Larindor, Helms Hold, Nevermore\n''Enemies:'' The Nine Hells, The Abyss, Mugrush’s Hand (Orc Tribe), Tiamat’s Claws (Sect), Knights of the Dark Mask\n\n[<img[images/Coramyr-standard-small.jpg][images/Coramyr-standard.JPG]]\n\n''Overview:'' One of the largest nations of Aran, Coramyr stretches across more then 241,000 square miles of land, it’s northern most point being just south of the Ciramyr Village of Railings while it stretches south to Espara on the Fords Dale Border.\n\nIt’s lands include everything from rich forests to rolling plains and hillside along with pleasant weather near it’s capital Aribellia situated on the western most point of the nation known to most as the Golden Horn Cape. \n\nThis abundance of pleasant weather has meant that large sections of the country side have been populated coupled along with the fact that Coramyr is one of the oldest nations in existence.\n\nCoramyr is a land the reveres the metallic dragons, and it’s laws show such, any one found hunting a metallic dragon within it’s borders is considered to have committed an act of treason and if convicted sentenced to death, Aribellia is known as the Golden city, the city of dragons or the city of golden towers and much of it’s architecture revolves around the reverence held for the metallic dragons. \n\n\n[<img[images/Coramyr-political-small.jpg][images/Coramyr-political.JPG]\n\n\n''Military:'' Coramyr’s army is known as the Golden Dragon and is perhaps one of the most elite in the region, it is easily one of the largest with only Nevermore having more in numbers. At the time of this writing Coramyr had a professional army totaling 137,815 in strength a large percentage of which are cavalry, however this should not be seen as giving the country a major advantage in any war as it’s size limits the actual amount of troops it can use in any campaign that it wages and still maintain a decent defense of it’s major towns. \n\nMost of Coramyr’s forces are actually supplied by the nations nobles as part of their duty to the crown, however the Dragons are divided into three standing armies each under the direct command of a lord whom is in turn under the command of the King or Queen. The nobles generally at least Barons or Dukes of the realm are also considered to be the authority figure in the region that they hold. The three regions are:\n\nThe Northern Marches centered on Highmoon and extending south to Calla presently under the command of Duchess Marina Belfar. It contains 22,800 of the nations standing forces\n\nThe Dragon Reach which is centered on the Capital and extends east to Calla commanded by the Queens Eldest Daughter and heir Princess Annalise Embra the largest of the nations forces are located within this area comprising of 60,750 troops.\n\nAnd The Dale Marches running south from Aindra’s Harbour to Espera and centered on Wailing Ford commanded by Baron Harry Falconheart comprising of the nations remaining 54,265 troops. \n\nStanding orders however state that Three Quarters of these troops at any time must be on stand down, meaning that while the nation has that many troops on it’s roster it does not actually have that many soldiers on constant call, rather those who are on stand down must be ready to muster if the call is given within twelve hours of the call being sent out. The result is that the nation has a fair number of battle trained soldiers whom are not on the constant pay roll, though all soldiers receive a modest payment of 2 gold per month while on stand down.\n\nThe remaining forces those not on stand down are tasked with the defense of the nation under normal conditions including patrols along the nations roads, the dispatching of any monstrous creatures that may be plaguing the land and the protection of the nations cities and borders.\n\nWithin the Dragon Reach army 50 of it’s make up are the elite Dragon Riders, under the direct command of the Queen and her heir, these riders are a continual sign of the bargain made with the Great golden Dragon Elinstralimangrail when the nation was formed, each rider is given the privilege of riding one of either Elinstralimangrail’s own kin (Gold) or one of those dragons who have sworn loyalty to him’s offspring (Silver or Bronze). \n\nThe nation divides it’s forces into two groups, enlisted and officers, enlisted forces are those generally from the normal walks of life who signed up with no official training other then basic drill instruction and on the job work, while this may seem crude, Coramyrian drill and training work is extremely efficient and most of it’s forces who go into battle are drilled enough to survive. (Fighter 1 - 2 generally). Enlisted men generally sign up for anywhere from two to six years after which they may continue to serve until they reach old age when they are awarded a military pension equivalent to stand down pay and discharged.\n\nOfficers are those who have undergone actual training, once every two months the Officers Academy in Aribellia begins it’s courses, during this time candidates are taught tactics, protocol, drills, combat and military history all in the hopes that they will learn to lead others. Not all complete this training some wash out either choosing to leave the army or to drop back to the enlisted ranks. \n\nThose officers who complete their training are expected to serve for no less then six years minimum, most actually continue to serve for the majority of their lives, at which time they receive a military pension of 5 golds per month. \n\nIt should be noted that enlisted men can become officers, both field promotions during battle and through recommendation to the officers training academy, the first is a temporary solution in the case of heavy losses, and is not considered to be official unless a lord makes it so, and is generally followed by officers training. The later is a slightly cut down version of the normal training lasting only a month and focusing on tactics and book study over physical work. \n\n[<img[images/Coramyr-Duchy_of_Callinwood-East_small.JPG][Coramyr-Duchy_of_Callinwood-East.jpg]]\n''History:'' Coramyr is the oldest native Human nation in existence, other then perhaps the horde lands known as the endless plains. Founded well over 7,000 years ago when the first settlers from the northern lands arrived in Aran, Coramyr has stood the tests of time, moving from a clan system to a monarchy as it has. Part of it’s success may in fact lie with the deal that was struck centuries ago with the great Golden Dragon Elinstralimangrail whom claimed much of the land even when the elves had spread north, it was by his grace that Ombria Embra the First, became king of the lands when he swore to help clean out much of the monstrous population that existed in the region. \n\nAs the nation grew it was not with out it’s own problems, twice it faced war against Orc’s from the south whom had managed force their way north and once against the great horde as it attempted to move further west, in both cases the nation found itself allied with Aradale, and it was perhaps this that had Coramyr help found the council of Larindor when it was first suggested. \n\nWhat ever the reason Coramyr did not remain part of the council for long, as civil war broke out within it’s nation and it was forced to turn most of its resources inwards, as it was the nation lost it’s northern most province when the lords ceded and rumors since have pointed to the fact that until this time there had been no indication of unrest. It is widely believed that the civil war was actually started by either the Knights of the Dark Mask or perhaps even the Cult of Tiamat as both have strong reasons to attempt to weaken Coramyr, the first as they wish to see the Drow nation return to the surface while the second due to the ties Coramyr has with the great gold dragon. \n\nWhat ever the cause of the civil war it left Coramyr devastated and resulted in border skirmishes with it’s northern most neighbor ever since, the second largest blow to the nation came only three hundred years later (roughly 500 years ago) when part of it’s own army defected when ordered to attack and take a section of land to the south from Aradale that it had failed to take due to the start of the civil war 300 years previously, rather then fight however both armies choose to remain in the lands and in effect ceded the section of land from both nations. The result sent shocks through the heart of Coramyr and over twenty three lords where exiled or slain when it was found that they had not required oaths of loyalty to be sworn by the soldiers with a cleric present.\n\nSince that time however Coramyr has faced conflict from within and from a growing number of orcish and devil attacks from the Eastern Mountains, not to mention the loss of one of it’s largest port cities Whispersea 234 years ago when a horde of previously unknown beings rose from the ocean and struck it down with out warning. \n\nWith it’s resources presently stretched to the limit Coramyr is once more facing civil unrest, much of it’s population is fearful that the raids may continue and want the Queen and the Nobles to do something yesterday rather then tomorrow while a number of the lords especially those in Highmoon are beginning to question why they must constantly send their best out to die in area’s of the country that very few people live in. \n\nTo try and ease some of the tensions the Queen has recently began massing the Army of the Southern reaches with plans to march it into the gods fingers and attempt to find the source of the recent incursions. However some including Fords Dale have seen this build up as a threat to them rather then what it is intended for and the threat of war hangs heavily over the nation.\n \n''Plots and Rumors: ''\nA number of the lords of Highmoon are displeased with the present state of the kingdom, some may even be plotting to break away.\n\nLarger and larger groups of Devils and Orc’s along with Drow at times continue to attack the eastern borders of the kingdom, who is sending these forces and more to the point why?
Coramyrian’s are the direct descendants of the first human settlers to Aran. They are a hardy group typically finely featured and extremely handsome with skin tones that range from tanned to fair, their hair is generally straight but it is not uncommon to find curly hair either and comes in almost any tone though brown and red are often the most common. Eye color is similar with a large mix of any color found in their stock. \n[>img[images/elisa_small.jpg][images/elisa.jpg]]\n\nGenerally Coramyrian’s are experts at horse riding, given the area’s that most of them are found within require long distance travel and as it has over the last ten thousand years become a major part of there dominant culture. With horses being used in both the military and the public sectors.\n\nCoramyrian’s unless born outside Coramyr all know how to use basic weapons, this is drilled into them from the age of Twelve until they reach sixteen during which time they are expected to serve at least two months per year in the military.\n\n* Automatic Languages: Common, Coramyran\n* Bonus Languages: Any but secret languages such as Druidic\n\n
Aran like all worlds within the multiverse is touched by the planes each plane containing either a part of the essance of creation or being the home of the divine beings that are worshiped by those of the world. \n\nAt the core of these worlds is the Material plane, or the world that most mortals live on, it is the world itself, it is boarded by both the Transitional Planes and the Elemental Planes all of which in some part overlap and interplay with the material plane. From these planes one can travel out further to the Celestial Planes or those places of reality in which the gods themselves make there homes, these planes are linked to the Outter Planes, Elysium where none may fight the meeting ground of the Gods and Archeron where all battles are fought (At least that is how it is meant to be) Finally touching all and yet no planes are those of the Far Planes beyond these places none know some speak of the great stairwell beyond the Outlands and deep within limbo from where one can reach other parts of the multiverse but those who have set out to seek what is beyond have never returned. \n\nThis following section deals with each plane and how those planes interact with each other. It only breifly talks about the Material plane, as it is the focus after all of the rest of this book. \n\n* [[Material Plane]]\n* [[Etheral Plane]]\n* [[The Plane of Shadow]]\n* [[Mystrica, The Plane of Magic]]\n* [[The Elemental Planes]]\n* [[The Celestial Planes]]\n* - [[Celista]]\n* - [[Shadia]]\n* - [[The Nine Hells]]\n* - [[The Abyss]]\n* - [[The Demon Web Pits]]\n* - [[Tyrrants Hand]]\n* - [[Dragons Roost]]\n* - [[The Mithral Hall]]\n* - [[Arvandor]]\n* - [[Evens Rest]]\n* - [[Elysium]]\n* - [[Archerion]]\n* - [[Limbo]]\n* - [[The Outlands]]\n\n[img[images/theplanes-small.jpg][images/theplanes.jpg]]
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The plane that dragons who die find themselves brought to, the Dragons roost is a plane of mountains, air, water, trees and all that comes bettween. Here Bahamut and Chronepsis keep watch while to the very south Tiamat claims a small section of the plane for those dragons whom she controls. At times non dragons find themselves here, either saved from Myrkuls claws by Chronepsis for the richness of there hearts when they do not worship a god or because of there worship of Bahamut or Chronepsis himself. \n\nResiding Gods: Bahamut, Chronepsis, Io
Drow where once a race of elves known the Drowlianthi whom sided with Loth during the Silderian war (Also known as the Elf War), When Loth was finally defeated by Corellon they where cursed by him to never walk the surface world again. \n\nThey have since been tainted by Lolths anger and malice and have become a twisted dark race whom follow her down the path of evil and corruption. \n\nDrow are also known as Dark Elves and have Dark or black skin that resembles obsidian and stark white, silver or pale yellow hair. They have extremely pale eyes that are often mistaken for while though they are actually shades of lilac, silver, pink or blue. \n\nThey are shorter and thinner then most elven races.\n\nAlmost 3,000 Years ago the drow launched a war against the surface elves and managed to destroy one entire civilization in the lands that are now Larindor, during this time however a group split off and fought against the main body, seeking redemption for their past crimes. \n\nThe drow have also been waging a war for the past 1,000 years against the Dwarves and the Gnomes in the Underdark below the surface of aran, at times allying themselves with other races of the underdark including Mindflayers and Beholders. \n\nDrow gain all the Traits of elves except where notes:\n* +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma, +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution (This replaces the elven traits)\n* Darkvision out to 120 Feet (This replaces low light vision)\n* Spell Resistance 11+class levels\n* +2 racial bonus on will saves against spells and spell like effects.\n* Spell like abilities: drow can use the following spell lice abilities 1/day:\n* - Dancing lights, Darkness, Faerie fire. \n* - Caster level equals the drow’s class levels.\n* Weapon Proficiency: Crossbow, Rapier, Shortsword. \n* - This replaces the normal elven racial proficiency’s.\n* Light Blindness (Ex): Abrupt exposure to bright light (suck as sunlight or a daylight spell) blinds drow for 1 round. On subsequent rounds, they are dazzled as long as they remain in the affected area.\n* Automatic Languages: Drow, Undercommon, Silderune\n* Bonus Languages: Drow Sign Language, Abyssal, Goblin, Illithid, Draconic\n* Favored Class: Wizard (Male), Cleric (Female).\n* ECL: +2
Elysium is the meeting place of the gods and as such the one place where all must put aside there petty arguments at least on the physical side. No weapons or fighting is permitted within the plane and it is said that ‘He’ the one who created all the gods resides within this plane. If this is true or not it is unknown except that any who attempt to draw a blade or use magics to harm within this realm have found there blades stuck perminantly within their holders, or that there clubs and axes turn to ash within their hands. Spells are also known to suddenly vanish from the memory and/or spell book and no matter how hard those who attempt to find such try may never be relearnt. As such none break the Rules of this plane, not even Graz’zt or Curss.\n\nNote: Magic is harder to cast here, all Caster Level Checks are Considered to be at -4 Caster Level, if this removes the ability to cast a spell (you fall below of the Required Caster level) Then you may not use that spell within this plane.
One of the Three planes known as the Transitional Planes the etheral plane appears as a misty and fog bound dimension that overlaps the material plane and several others, thus allowing one to travel outwards from the Material plane towards the Far planes. Those who have travelled this plane describe it as looking through a dirty mirror or from within a deep fog, the material plane itself remains visable, clear to be seen yet except in places where great magics exist seperate. \n\nThe Plane itself is empty of items from the Material plane except as with vision where great magics overlap and create items within the plane itself, however this does not mean that the Ethral plane is not inhabitated, great number of creatures call the Ethral plane their home, though many prefure to remain invisable and not be seen. \n\nFrom the etheral plane one can travel out to the Elemental Planes, Celestial or at times (Only durring Summer and Winter Solusts) The Far planes. \n\nFor all other purposes treat the Etheral plane as per discribed on page 151 of the DMG.
Said to be a place of rolling planes and other wonders, Evens Rest or Evensrest as it is also called is the plain on which all other gods reside, it is here that those who have fought time and time again find peice and relaxation at last with Tempest, or that those who have loved the earth find Obad’hai`s hand softly on their shoulder. \n\nResiding Gods: Harinda, Obinan, The Silver Saint, Tempest, Tyche \n
In Aran Fey’Touched are extremely rare, and many do not enter the more civilized lands of humans instead preferring to remain in the great forests with their parents where they are not treated differently because of their abilities. \n\nThose Fey touched who do travel generally do so to learn more about the other races around them, or because they find themselves drawn to the call of their human blood, needing to wander and explorer more then anything else. Some travel to visit the great forests that their parents speak.\n\nFey Touched have the Following Racial Abilities \n\n* +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution +4 Charisma:\n* - Fey Touched are extremely beautiful and have a supernatural grace to them, but are more delicate then most normal people. \n* Medium-Sized \n* Fey (human) Subtype.\n* Fey Touched have a Base Speed of 30 Feet \n* Immunity: Enchantments (Ex) Through their mothers blood Fey touched are immune to all enchantments. \n* Low Light Vision (ex): Fey Touched have the ability to see in extremely low light due to the magical essence that runs through them. \n* Damage Reduction 5/Cold Iron: Due to their Fey heritage Fey Touched take less damage from Cold Iron then most creatures. \n* +1 Luck Bonus to AC: Fey Touched hold some of their mothers luck inside them, this allows them to dodge attacks easier then most. \n* +2 Racial Bonus to Hide, Handle Animal, Knowledge (nature) and Sense Motive: Fey Touched have a innate connection to nature that allows them to understand some things better then others. The fact that their parents and themselves are hunted from time to time has given rise to a need to hide and know when some one is attempting to trick them. \n* Spell Like Abilities: Once Per Day Fae’touched may use the following abilities as though cast by a Druid of their character level, the saves are charisma based they must have a charisma of at least 12 to use these abilities. \n* - Pass with out Trace \n* - Tree Shape \n* Favored Class: Druid \n* ECL +2\n* Automatic Languages: Sylvan, Common \n* Bonus Languages: Any
''Proper Name:'' The Dale of Fords\n''Ruler:'' Lester McWills\n''Coat of Arms:'' Red Banner flying a Silver Dragon\n''Government:'' Lordship\n''Capital:'' Fordsdale (8,921)\n''Major Cities:''\n* Tessingdale (2,410)\n* Opar (1,291)\n* Arwood (892)\n* Salvaka (1,543)\n* Mayberry Mines (742)\n''Population:'' 211,910 (64% Human, 12% Elven, 2% Drow, 8% Half Elven, 1% Dwarf, 4% Halfling, 4% Gnome, 2% Half Orc, 3% (Other)\n''Working Population:'' 127,146\n''Resources:'' \n* ''Exports:'' Timber, Copper, Silver, Iron, Steel, Elven Goods, Fine Art, Fruit\n* ''Imports:'' Finished Goods, Magical Items, Luxury Items, Herbs.\n''Coinage:'' Coramyrian, Platinum Dragon (PP), Gold Dragon (GP), Bronze Dragon (EP), Silver Dragon (SP), Copper Dragon (CP). \nGolden Bar (50lb Golden Trade Bar, worth 1000 Gold in all nations but the Rook), Mithral bar (25lb Mithral Trade bar worth 10,000 Gold in all nations but the rook)\n''Languages:'' Common, Coramyrian, Silderuin \n''Bonus Languages:'' Morathian, , Hyindali (Halfling), Kinalda (Gnomish), Ruinthica (Dwarven), Terran\n''Starting Equipment:''\n* Longsword and Leather Armor\n* Mount (Light War Horse)\n* Four potions of Cure light wounds or two scrolls of cure light wounds.\n''Religions:'' Corellon Larethian, Elinastri, Ellisa, The Silver Saint\n''Allies:'' Aradale, Silkdale, Silverway\n''Enemies:'' Tiamat’s Claw, Wragua Clan, Knights of the Dark Mask.\n\n''Overview:'' Smaller then most nations but roughly equal in size with Ciramyr Fordsdale is far enough south that it experiences extremely mild weather, only punctured by the occasional storm and the spring and autumn Tornado season during which it has been known to have as many as two hundred tornado’s form and destroy the land. \n\nMuch of the area is comprised of plains with low rolling hills idyllic for farming, all of which experience mild weather all year around, the most extreme weather comes from the mountains and is primarily experienced by the Mayberry mines situated on the lower foothills of the mountain range. It is the only town in the dale to experience winters that drop below 2 degree’s in heat.\n\n''Military:'' Fordsdale maintains only a small standing army, especially compared to the nations of Coramyr and Aradale, both of whom should they actually put their hearts into an assault could take the smaller nation with very little resistance. At present the dale has 4,238 soldiers in it’s employ mostly comprised of armsmen, though a small number of light cavalry is kept in reserves to act as the nations road patrol and scouts. \n\nWhile not small the nation does however require that all members of it’s population serve within it’s defense force at least part time from the age of twelve to the age of twenty, this time allows Fords Dale’s army to be highly trained (No member of Fords Dale standing military will be below 6th level, most will be of 8th - 12th level), capable of taking on forces well above it’s own number. \n\nAlong with this is the fact that those who do not join the standing defense force make up a trained militia force, something which has surprised more then one or two orc’s when some one who appears to be nothing more then a common farmer like those in the lands surrounding the dale actually ends up knowing how to use the blade he has with him for protection. (Treat all Militia forces as having at least 2 ranks in warrior, adept or specialist, and some as having ranks in actual player classes). \n\nThe army itself is considered to be one force, mainly a border patrol and city watch, all forces however are under the direct command of the Lord of Fords Dale, though the day to day running is generally left to a high ranking officer to run, with the lord only taking command when the force actually goes to war.\n\n''History:'' Created during what may be termed a rebellion, Fords Dale was formed when two armies both sent to take the area’s of land that now occupies fordsdale, the two armies choose instead to lay down their arms and declare themselves independent of their parent nations. \n\nThe response was mixed, in Coramyr they where still reacting to the lost amount of land to the north, while Aradale saw the possibility of the new nation becoming almost over night recognized by both Aradale and Silverway, it left Coramyr very little choice but to accept it begrudgingly as well. \n\nYet Fords Dale has had anything but a easy life it sees frequent raids from the mountains and border skirmishes from units belonging to Coramyr. This has resulted in most of the villages of the town being built close to the capital itself with all of them being within a days ride. \n\nWith the recent build up of troops in the southern region of Coramyr Lester has began to worry that the nation may attempt to take his dale from him, and he knows that with out Aradale’s help they could easily do so.\n\n''Plots and Rumors:''\nSomething or some one is sending the hordes from the mountains who and why?\n\nA large number of Coramyrian forces have been seen in the north, Lester has let it be known that he would not object to paying some adventurers to find out what is truly going on.
As a race Gnomes are highly inventive, they come up with new devices, spells and tricks almost has fast as they can produce the last idea that they had, this however is tampered by the fact that as a culture they are extremely slow to change, which has in the past caused problems, when the elder’s who typically run the gnome communities have failed to act in time to not invite disaster to dinner. \n\nGnomes follow all the Racial abilities in the Players Handbook. \n\n* Automatic Languages: Kinalda (Gnomish) ,Common\n* Bonus Languages: Ruinthica (Dwarven), Hyindali (Halfling), Draconic, Terran, Silderuin, Giant, Goblin, Gnoll
Gold Dwarves are rarer then shield dwarves in Aran, but more common then grey, they are seldom seen beyond the dwarven lands of the Mithral Holdings, preferring to remain close to their halls and kin. However it can be said that Gold dwarves are with out exception the best craftsmen of Aran, their skills are often sort after by those who are working on magical items. \n\nGold Dwarves get their name from the golden bronze skin that they have, it is a rich tan some times almost black in color, they commonly have dark hair and dark eyes as well. \n\nGold Dwarves have all the traits of dwarves in the PHB in addition to the following except where noted.\n\n* +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity.\n* +1 Racial bonus on attacks against Drow, Orc’s and Goblinoids. \n* Automatic Languages: Ruinthica, Dwarven ,Common\n* Bonus Languages: Giant, Kinalda, Terran, Undercommon, Oeridunthic
Gold elves are less common then their Silver elf cousins as a large number where killed during the Drow - Elf wars. Gold Elves are also known as Sun or High elves due to the fact their skin is golden or bronze in color, their hair gold, copper or golden streaked silver and their eyes green, gold or brown with amber flecks. \n\n[>img[images/goldelf.jpg]]\n\nAs a people Gold Elves are perhaps the least tolerant of humankind, many have gone as far as to say that a number of events in Aran’s history are the cause of human’s and those associated with humans.\n\nA small number of Gold elves can be found within the Rook where like their Silver elf cousins they are treated as the top of societies pecking order. \n\nLarindor also hosts a small population of Gold elves while the rest are found generally within the elven lands.\n\nGold Elves have the following racial traits in addition to the normal PHB:\n* +2 intelligence, - 2 Strength Sun Elves value Intellect over strength and battle prowess.\n* - Gold Elves are generally taller then their other elf brethren though wild elves are taller then sun elves.\n* Automatic Languages: Common, Silderian, Elven\n* Bonus Languages: Any \n\n\n''image by Jason Harmer, Color by Robert Graham''
Green Elves or wild elves are among the rarest of elves within the lands of Aran as almost two thirds of their population was decimated by the drow, add to this that they are also among the most reclusive of the elves, rarely found out side of the two great kingdoms of the elves and it is quiet easy to see why most people believe that they are only legend now. Their skin is typically a dark brown tan while their hair is a black through to light brown that turns into a sandy color as they grow older. \n\nWhile not as arrogant as there Gold elves cousins the Green elves feel more at home walking the great forests then mixing with other races, it is perhaps this reason that they are rarely seen outside of them.\n\nGreen Elves have the Following racial traits in addition to those of an elf in the PHB except where noted.\n* +2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence\n* Favored Class: Sorcerer. This trait replaces the PHB elf favored class.\n\n* Automatic Languages: Common, Silderune, Elven\n* Bonus Languages: Any
Grey Dwarves where once known by another name, but it has been lost in the telling of years. All that is known of their past is that once they and their brothers did not get along well, until the drow attacks began to increase and entire settlements where destroyed.\n\nThey are a proud race, yet a deep untrusting and some would say almost bitter and cruel streak runs through them, and while found outside the dwarven lands they are not common. They get their name from their Grey skin that is commonly flecked or tinged with silver, Their eye colors are almost always grey and hair colors range from silver to white. \n\nGrey Dwarves have the following traits:\n\n* -4 charisma, +2 constitution. \n* Medium Sized Creatures.\n* Base Speed: 20 feet.\n* Darkvision out to 120 feet.\n* Immunity to paralysis, Phantasms and poisons. \n* +2 Racial bonus on saves vs. spells and spell like effects.\n* Stability: As per the normal dwarf statistics.\n* Stonecunning: as per a normal dwarf.\n* Psionic Like Abilities: 1/day - Expansion, Invisibility (See the Wizards of the Coast Psionics Handbook for more details, if you do not have this book replace with Enlarge Person and Invisibility cast as a wizard of twice the Grey Dwarves Class level, Minimum 3rd)\n* Naturally Psionic: Grey Dwarves gain 3 power points at first level. \n* +1 racial bonus on attacks against Orc’s, Drow and Goblinoids. \n* +4 dodge bonus to AC vs. Creatures of the Giant Type.\n* +4 racial bonus on move silent checks, +2 Racial bonus on Appraise and Craft checks related to stone or metal, +1 Racial bonus on listen and spot.\n*Favored Class - Fighter\n*ECL: +1\n*Automatic Languages: Ruinthica, Dwarven ,Common\n*Bonus Languages: Giant, Kinalda, Terran, Undercommon, Oeridunthic
Half elves in Aran are extremely common, with the common and in some places constant interaction between elves and humans it is only inevitable that marries or simple flings happen, within Aran it is not uncommon to see the spawn of such a union making their way through the day. \n\nHalf Elves are typically a mixture of both parents so it is extremely hard to describe the ‘average’ half elf, they are however average based on where they were born, at least in attitude. Half Elves born in the Rook City State are considered to be like Elves higher class citizens, especially if they carry one of the few remaining direct descendant lines of Suelise originating blood. This makes many of them extremely arrogant and certain of themselves especially considering that there position in the better schools and even politics should they wish to enter it are as certain as a person breaths. \n\nIn other lands such as Nevermore they are treated generally the same as every one else, each person weighed on the merit of who and what he or she is and what they offer to society as a whole. \n\nWithin Elven lands they are considered to be a blessing by all but the Gold Elves who appear to outsiders to look down on their half human half elven children. This however is actually a mistake as the Gold Elves see Half Elves as some one to envy and to pity, for they know the sudden and rapid change of human life, full of energy and surprise, and yet they will also outlive their human counter parts yet not live as long as their elven. \nHalf Elves have all the Racial Proficiency’s given to Half elves in The players handbook. \n\n* Automatic Languages: Common, Silderian plus their human parents core language \n* Bonus Languages: Any \n\nHalf Drow have the same stat’s as Half elves except that they remove low light vision and replace it with dark vision 60ft.\n
Half orc’s are generally the offspring of a human and orc relationship, and in Aran have become respected scholars, warriors and even mages. They are like orc’s often found in the nation of Nevermore while in the Rook City State they are looked down on as second class citizens and often killed outright. \n\nHalf Orc’s have all the Racial Abilities of Half Orc’s in the players handbook. \n\nHalf Orc’s born in civilised lands may choose any class as there favored class.
''Proper Name:'' The Kingdom of Hawkmoore \n''Ruler:'' High Councilor Mariam Holinshed (LN Hmn Fem, Brd 14, Clrc(St.Cuth)14) \n''Coat of Arms:'' Castle with Smaller towers below it and a sword behind the castle.\n''Government:'' High lord voted into the position by a council made up of 16 of the lands largest Merchant’s and the Churches \n''Capital:'' Hawkmoore (Population 26,898) \n''Major Cities:''\n* High Folk (Pop. 7,411, Mayor: Larin Barsdale (CN HlfElf Male, Fght 4, Arist 4)\n* Mindral (Pop. 8,910, Mayor: Wiltala Silversword) \n''Resources: ''\n* ''Exports:'' Timber, Foodstuffs (Wheat and Grains as well as some cattle), Luxury Items, Coal, Stone, Magic Goods \n* ''Imports:'' Herbs, Metals, Luxury Items. \n* ''Coinage:'' Hawk, Raptor (PP), Hawk (GP), Falcon (SP), Sparrow (CP). \n* Golden Bar (50lb Golden Trade Bar, worth 1000 Golden Shields in all nations but the Rook), Mithral bar (25lb Mithral Trade bar worth 10,000 Golden Shields in all nations but the rook).\n''Population:'' 4,640,838 (61% human, 3% Elf, 1% Drow, 8% Half Elf, 5% Dwarf, 8% Halfling, 5% Gnome, 3% Half Orc, 3% Orc, 3% Other.)\n''Working population:'' 2,784,593\n''Languages:'' Common, Coramyrian, \n''Bonus Languages:'' Morathian, Rookies, Oeridunthic, Silderune, Ruinthica (Dwarven), Kinalda (Gnomish), Hyindali (Halfling), Orcish \n''Starting Equipment:'' \n* One Master Work Weapon suited to your class, \n* Studded leather and a potion of Cure light wounds \n* Two Potions of cure light wounds and a wand of Magic missiles (1st level). \n''Religions:'' The Silver Saint, Solista, Elinastri, Tempest, Tyr, Moradon, and most other Good or Neutral aligned Gods \n''Allies:'' Nevermore, Sildara\n''Enemies:'' Rook City State, Nine Hells, The Abyss, The Scarlet Brothers, Mugrush’s Hand (Orc Tribe), Tiamat’s Claws (Sect), Knights of the Dark Mask. \n\n''Overview:'' Hawkmoore or the kingdom of Hawkmoore is the name given to the realm which was founded by Fargranth Hawkings, after the fracturing of his original realm during the first Orc Wars. It’s lands cover the region surrounding the Fallen Star Sea between Burrows Shire and Mithral Holding, giving it access to large amounts of wood, metal, food and stone resources. The major road way runs north from Mithral Hold up to High Folk and past the Hawking Forest which provides one of the largest exports for the nation. North of Hawkmoore rests the small woods of Spideweave so named due to the large amount of spiders that may be found within it, and the farming by the Druidic Circle of the Silver owl of the Silk for sale within Hawkmoore itself. \nBeyond the spideweave woods lies Mindral one of it is a large town that is frequented by traders from both the northern lands and Burrows Shire. \n\nSpaced through out the land and their construction hastened since the return of Aran are a number of keeps maintained in joint agreement with the government and the religious orders within the land. These keeps act as way-station, trading posts, religious training grounds and barracks for the land and as such can each be considered a small town in their own rights, Seven of them exist in what is considered to be key points of the trade roads. \n\n''Military:'' Due to the large number of wars that Hawkmoore have fought in or about it’s lands, and the threat of invasion from both Nevermore and Mithral Holding Hawkmoore has a reasonably large army for it’s actual Size, numbering at 55,650 professional full time troops and 963,020 more whom make up the countries militia with professional training.\n\nAt the time of this writing Hawkmoore’s military comprised of 4,000 Medium Infantry (4,000 Medium Armored Fighters), 4,354 Heavy Infantry (Heavy Armored Fighters), 2,758 Pikemen (Fighters with weapon focus (pike)) , 2,228 Spearmen (Fighters trained to use the spear), 3,341 Bowmen (Rangers & Scouts roughly half each), 2,785 Crossbow men (Rangers and Rouges), 16,707 Light Cavalry (Fighters in light armor, mounted), 5,569 Medium Calvary (Fighters in heavy Armor mounted), 1,114 Heavy Calvary (Fighters in heavy armor mounted) 6,000 Knights of the Order of St.. Cuthbert (2,000 Paladins, 3,400 Knights, Clerics, 600 Squires (Fighters)), 4,138 Knights of the Order of Tempest (3,000 Knights, 1,000 Paladins, 138 Squires) 1,000 Knights of the High Sun (Solista )(400 Monks, 400 Paladins, 200 Knights), 1,000 Clerics supplied by the same orders and 671 Battle Mages. \nThe military is one of the highest drilled and trained armies (Each soldier even at the lowest ranks is considered to be at least lvl 4 in their chosen class generally Fighter for infantry, Ranger or Scout for archers, Paladin’s or Knights for the knights and Wizard, War Wizard, or Sorcerer for battle mages). Roughly 2,000 are garrisoned at High Folk while the rest are either Garrisoned within New Hawkmoore itself, one of the holdings or available for call to active duty within one day of being requested. Hawkmoore Typically has 2,000 - 4,000 Troops on active duty at any one time. The head of the Military is Marshal Hargan Valadox (Hlf Elf , LN, Male, Fighter 10, Paladin 15). The military itself is broken into three Company’s Silver, Hawk and Gold, Silver being the main army at Hawkmoore, Gold being the army at High Folk while Hawk is the most recently formed company and is stationed at Mindral. \n\nAt any stage, Four Patrols maintain the roads each patrol comprises of a minimum of 50 Troops (Two Lances), while four companies are always in reserve for boarder action (Roughly 400 Troops, 1 company being Four Lances). A road patrol is always lead by an Over Captain while a Company is always commanded by a Major. Hawkmoore’s officer rank structure is as follows: Marshal, Over General, General, Under General, Over Major, Major, Under Major, Over Captain, Captain, Under Captain, Over Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Under Lieutenant. \n\n''History:'' Born in pain in many respects Hawkmoore was created when the human realm of Karvon collapsed during the Orc Wars, it was only through the quick thinking and actions of one of Karvon’s lords that the land did not completely fall. \n\nKarvon once claimed much of the land on the south side of the Fallen Star Sea, something which one can see in some of the ancient ruins that litter the country side, when it fell however most of it’s armies had been destroyed Fargranth lord of the Eastern Provinces took on a desperate gamble, knowing that with out soldiers or at least bodies the orc’s who had just ripped through the eastern lands would soon rip into his own he gave the call for those whom lived in the lands he governed to come to the provinces defense, to his surprise and many of the commanders of his army, almost eighty percent of the population did just that.\n\nThe battles that followed lasted for almost twenty years sections of territory where lost and retaken and the death toll both in orc’s and those of hawkmoore have never been fully calculated though scholars and sages both put the numbers in the hundreds of thousands if not the millions. \n\nAs the war ended it was clear to all that Karvon was no more, the lands it had once held where in ruins and the eastern province had bleed itself dry to stop the orc’s from taking it over, instead Hawkmoore was founded, with Fargnath as it’s ruler. \n\nFor centuries the nation rebuilt what had been lost, at times coming into conflict with the Dwarves of Mithral Holding, at others with the Elven nation to the north.\n\nEach time it managed to at least hold it’s own ground, until the armies of The Rook marched, and it lost whole sections of it’s land, unlike any army it had faced the Rookian army mixed magic and metal to a lethal degree, when a soldier in their army fell they raised him either as though he had never died or as an undead, ready either way to continue to fight. For Five years they fought and lost land, the ruling body was killed when Hawkmoore was lost to the Rook, and it was only by combining the remaining army and the aid of the Mithral Holdings that The Rook was stopped outside High Folk.\n\nThe lands taken however would remain occupied for another twenty years and it was only the founding of the Larindor Alliance that saw them finally dislodged and driven back from both Hawkmoore and Sildara, yet the events of those times has not been lost on those living within Hawkmoore, rather then a king a council was formed to rule the country and even to this date, Rookise items are punishable with death if sold within the country.\n\nStill things have not been easy in the time since they retook their lands they have faced constant pressure from the Dwarves each time that they attempt to expand south and gain more access to metal resources within them, and in more recent times they have faced pressure from the east as the younger nation of Semb’a begins to look to it’s lands as a means of expanding it’s own influence, indeed it lost the Town of Mountain Home only a hundred years ago and is still rather upset over the fact.\n\n''Plots and Rumors:'' Recent increases in the number of troops along the Mithral Holding boarder has many wondering if the nation is preparing for war against the Dwarves, while others believe that it is a feint to hide the true target of the strikes.\n
''Proper Name:'' Helms Hold Protectorate.\n''Ruler:'' Sir Edward Helms\n''Coat of Arms:'' A Upright Hand.\n''Government:'' Noble Council\n''Capital:'' Helmhold (11,046)\n''Major Cities:'' Olives Keep (2,190)\n''Population:'' 41,132 (43% human, 10% Elf, 8% Drow, 14% Half Elf, 5% Dwarf, 5% Halfling, 7% Gnome, 2% Half Orc, 4% Orc, 2% Other.)\n''Working population:'' 125,762\n''Resources: ''\n* ''Exports:'' All Metals, Armor, Weapons, Small Magical Items.\n* ''Imports:'' Wheat, Barley, Ale, Timber, Finished Goods, Luxury Items, Magic Goods. \n''Coinage:'' Nevermorian, Dragon Pence (PP), Royal Pence (GP), Silver Pence (EP), Half Pence (SP), Copper Penny (CP). \n''Languages:'' Common, Coramyrian, \n''Bonus Languages:'' Morathian, Rookies, Oeridunthic, Silderune, Ruinthica (Dwarven), Kinalda (Gnomish), Hyindali (Halfling), Orcish \n''Starting Equipment:'' \n* Longsword, Chain shirt and 2 Cure Minor Wounds Potions\n* Greatsword and Chain Shirt and 2 Cure Minor Wounds Potions\n''Religions:'' Harinda, Gildor, Tyr, Moradin, Tempest, Tarinas\n''Allies:'' Sildara, Nevermore\n''Enemies:'' The Rook\n\n''Overview: ''A small nation, but not the smallest Helms Hold was founded by an order of Paladins and Monks in service to the god of Law and Duty. \n\nThe land itself is mainly mountainous much of it taken up by the twin mountain ranges known as Helms Hand, though enough area remains for the nation to use for sheep and cattle produce, the climate being to cool in spring and autumn for the nation to support the growing of wheat and barley. \n\nTwo major towns or cities depending on how one looks at such exist, Helms Hold the capital situated at the base of the mountain range is the heaviest fortified city outside of the Dwarven lands, something that has served it well in it’s history and Olives Keep which was constructed after the Rookise war, further to the south. Like the Capital it is well fortified though it’s location means that it also acts as a port.\n\n''Military:'' Helms Hold has the largest Military per person of all the lands in Aran and it’s soldiers are among the most sort after of all the lands. \n\nKnown as the Helm Guard the forces of Helms Hold are elite troops often hired out as mercenaries to the other lands or to act as caravan guard, numbering at 90,548 over 30,000 of these troops are generally on lease to another nation at any one time. \n\nTrained explicitly to be the best (All members of the Helm Guard are level 6 in their profession while elite troops are level 15) the entire fighting force brings in a large section of the nations capital, though they are never hired out to fight in a war that the nation itself deems as being worthless. \n\nPart of the reason that the guard has little trouble in finding contracts is due to their reputation as being both fearless and honorable. It is well known that once contracted a member of the guard will stand and do his duty (though not fool hearted) until he is incapable of such, often to the death. This reputation and the fact that they are so well trained and experienced makes any who face them in battle think twice before sending their own troops in.\n\n''History:'' Founded originally by a group of like minded settlers dedicated to the teachings of Harinda the land of Helms Hold almost collapsed before it had a chance to truly begin. The cold climate and dangerous winters almost ruined the nation and it was only through the income of the merchants guard that the nation actually survived. \n\nSeeing this as a way to continue the Original founder Sir Walter Helms choose to expand on the idea, while Harindas teachings and the continual learning of their chosen deities wishes would continue to govern the nation the skill and battle prowess of it’s inhabitants would keep it alive. \n\nThus was born the Helms Guard, elite soldiers trained from the age of eight they soon became renown across almost every land, when ever their was a conflict you can be certain that in the 825 years since it’s founding there have been members of this nations military fighting along side one nation or even both. (Though contracts state that when both forces have Guard forces within them, they may refuse to attack each other, this is one clause that is carried out to it’s fullest and has only ever been enacted once Coramyr never questioned the contract again). \n\nWhen The Rook stretched it’s might and marched on the southern lands, it was Helms Hold that took the brunt of it’s attacks, unable to recall most of it’s armies those within the city where instead forced to defend it for over 38 years relying on the teleportation of Food and other necessities to sustain itself. During this time, those companies who where on hire fought with a ferocity that few have seen both before and after. It did not matter if they where being paid or not, The Rook and it’s armies became their targets whole companies of men and women where lost, yet it is perhaps because of them that the larindor council and indeed Hawkmoore exist today, for they offered no quarter and expected none in return fighting the rook to the last man.\n\nWhen the Rook was finally driven back it was chased and hounded by the remaining forces of Helms Hold, at the time though those in charge knew if the siege had not been lifted the city itself would have fallen, it’s supplies and man power had been driven to the point that of the population before the Rook War, only 15% remained at the end, a grim testament to the fierce fighting that took place and the loss of life due to the lack of food.\n\nRather then repeat this mistake Wallace Helms ordered the caverns of Helms hold to be extended and made large enough to support a population of one million people for forty years, the effort took over a hundred years to carry out, during which time the nation also rebuilt it’s fighting force and once more began to hire itself out. \n\nAt present 500 years since the Rook War, Helms Hold stands proud once more, however the blooding it took at the hands of the Rook has not been forgotten, nor have the oaths that many of the families swore been set aside, many believe a war is brewing one that may change the face of Aran forever.\n\n''Plots and Rumors: ''\n* Many rumors continue to rise that Edward Helms is preparing for war against the Rook, are they true?\n
Hiorc’s are the children of Luthic and Gruumsh created after the orc’s and are often refured to as High Orc’s even though they are technically a diffrent race. \n\nHiorc’s appear far more human or even elvish then their distant orc relitives, they stand almost 7 feet in height on average, are brighter and far more charasmatic. Due to Luthic’s influance on their culture they are also far more civilized then the normal orc, and have over the years become master crafters and powerful spell casters. \n\nTheir entire socity is based around the crafting aspect of their lives, from roughly the age of four all Hiorcs begin a complex tutoring program that includes training in both their unique weapons and with their innate ability to cast spells and use magic. No Hiorc will use a weapon or armor that is less then masterwork in quality, and any that they produce below this level are often given to the younger children to use durring their training. \n\nHiorc’s appear as 7 feet tall humanoids with a pale to a light tan skin color, they have musclar bodies and large elengated ears that are almost twice the size of a elves. There faces are offten angular and well defined with purple or amber colored eyes. Most have long mains of hair that often flows down to just below their shoulders but their body has little else in the way of body hair, their noses are also generally much smaller then elves or humans and more akin to an orc’s. \n\nHiorc’s make their homes generally in the deep underdark however a number also live on the surface and even those who do live in the underground cities often spend a good proportion of their lives traveling the surface realms and those of the dwarves to learn new trades.\n\nHiorcs have the following racial traints:\n\n* Usual Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.\n* +4 strength, -2 dexterity, +2 constitution, -2 wisdom +4 charisma\n* - Hiorcs are stronger, more healthy and far more charismatic then the normal races but they tend to be a little less agile and rush into things. \n* 3d8 + Con racial hitdice\n* - Hiorcs gain 3 levels of racial hitdice, they gain 2+int modifier + 9 skills for these hit dice and may only spend the skill points on their racial skills.\n* Medium Sized \n*- Hiorcs are Medium sized creatures\n* Base Speed: 30 Feet\n* - Hiorcs move at a base speed of 30 feet.\n* +2 Natural Armor bonus to AC\n* - Hiorcs skin is naturally tougher then normal peoples. \n* Hiorcs gain a +2 Bonus to Craft Armorsmithing and Craft Weaponsmithing\n* - Hiorcs are taught the art of Armor and weapon smithy from before they can read.\n* Hiorcs treat Craft Armorsmithing, Craft Weaponsmithing, Craft Blacksmithing, Knowledge arcana, Knowledge underdark Spot and listen as racial skills\n* - Hiorcs learn the art of crafting, the basics of magic and how to survive in the underdark as they are growing up.\n* Hiorcs gain a +2 Racial Bonus to Apprase checks when dealing with Stone and Metal Items\n* - Hiorcs like dwarves are skilled crafters who have a knack for apprasing the value of stone and metal items.\n* Hiorcs gain a +4 racial bonus when crafting metal items\n* - Hiorcs are skilled at working metal.\n* Hiorcs gain darkvision 60ft\n* - Hiorcs spend as much time underground as they do above ground and have adapted to this they can see perfectly in no light up to 60ft. \n* Hiorcs grain fire and cold resistance 5\n* - Hiorcs are naturally resistent to the effects of heat and cold, both which effect their natural enviroments\n* Hiorcs who have the martial weapon proficancy may treat Hiorc weapons as martial weapons instead of exotic weapons. \n* - Hiorcs who are skilled in the art of fighting learn to use the weapons that their race makes far easier then those who are born to others. \n* Orc Blood: Hiorcs are treated as having Orc Blood for the purpose of using Orc specific items and spells that effect the Orc racial type.\n* - Hiorcs are distant relations to Orcs and share the same general bloodline.\n* Hiorcs gain a racial proficency with Light and Medium Armor.\n* - Hiorcs train in the use of armor from birth and will not travel anywhere with out at least some form of armor to protect them. It has become part of their every day lives.\n* Hiorcs gain an automatic profincency with Hiorc Greataxe’s, & Hiorc light and Medium Armor\n* - Hiorcs are trained to use their specialised greataxe’s and their unique armor.\n* Automatic Languages: Orc, Undercommon, Common\n* Bonus Languages: Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Goblin\n* Deity: Luthic Generally, Any.\n* ELC: +3, Hiorcs are more powerful then a normal race and as such level slower then other races.
''Proper Name:'' Kazanpardra\n''Ruler:'' High Necrolord Vance Moonstar\n''Coat of Arms:'' A half white half black skull.\n''Government:'' Dictatorship.\n''Capital:'' Kazanpardra (24,455)\n''Major Cities:'' None.\n''Population:'' 24,455 (60% Human, 14% Elf, 14% Half Elf, .25% Dwarf, 1.25% Halfling, .75% Gnome, .25% Half-orc, 9.5% Other (Slaad & Githrazi))\n''Working Population:'' 14,673\n''Resources:'' \n* ''Exports:'' Finished Goods, Magical Items\n* ''Imports:'' Foodstuff, Metals, Raw Goods\n''Coinage:'' None, Nation works on a Barter System, of one item for another or services. When dealing with outside nations they use any coin.\n''Languages:'' Common, Rookies, Silderune\n''Bonus Languages:'' Coramyrian\n''Starting Equipment:'' \n* One Master Work Weapon of your Choice\n* A Longsword and Chain mail\n* Two Wands containing any 0 or 1st level spell and a scroll containing 2 spells of 0 or 1st level.\n''Religions:'' Curss, The Elven Patheneon.\n''Allies:'' None\n''Enemies:'' None\n\n''Overview:'' Kazanpardra is not native to Aran, it arrived quiet recently from the Plane of limbo where it has spent much of it’s past 2000 Years Objective Time (Universe Standard), 500 or so years personal objective. Originally from the Same Plane/World as the Rook though the Nation is primarily one of Necromancers. \n\nIt’s arrival in Aran has placed it on one of the smaller island chains in the Fallen Star Sea, just south of Burrow Shire, it experiences Mild weather. \n\n''Military:'' Kazanpardra’s army is known as the Necrogaurd, a carry over from the time when the only force that the city state could actually field in any form was the Necrogaurd of the former Guild De Magus’s Necromancy Tower. A small force of 440, the Necrogaurd are elite and many of their number are actually hidden within the normal population.\n\n\n[>img[images/zelf-72.jpg]]\nEach necrogaurd is no matter what trained in the rudimentary skills of magic, and has been such since long before Kazanpardra was founded. The reason for this is the method in which the Necrogaurd increase their numbers, Rather then having to continuously pull new recruits from it’s population it instead uses necromancers heavily to rise undead, if the members of it’s army could not control such it would soon run rampant and cause more problems for the city.\n\nFrom a military viewpoint the nations small army is elite, they have spent the past years fighting off the denizens of Limbo, and had the same two leaders the entire time, as well as mixed some of the Githrazi fighting styles into their own, some have estimated that one Necrogaurd is the equivalent of a squad of Nevermorian Soldiers, while to date this has never been put to the test it may only be a matter of time until it is. \n\nThe second strong point that the Necrogaurd has, is that all of it’s members have undergone the ritual to have part of the very essence of Limbo infused with their actual bodies (See the Limbian Template later in this book), this gives them abilities beyond that of a normal person, and as such makes them an even more deadly force.\n\nTwo people are known to lead the Necrogaurd, both of whom answer from what is known of the city, to the city states leader Vance Moonstar, Zelf Moonstar the half brother of Vance and Kalindra Moonstar.\n\n''History:'' Much of Kazanpardra’s prehistory that being the history of the town before the arrival of the Guild of Necromancy, has been lost or purposefully destroyed by the current ruling body. What is known is that at one time the City itself was held under siege by an outside force and it was only due to the acts of Vance, Zelf and a small party of Adventurers that the city itself was liberated. Though apparently that liberation came with a price, as Vance made the city his capital.\n\nA short time later, the city itself was ripped from it’s material plane and taken into limbo, at the time to better defend itself. The result was an almost immediate assault from the Slaad who saw the city as a fresh new target, though fought off it became evident that with out allies within Limbo the city would not survive.\n\nIn response Vance had two new programs initiated one was the sending of his half brother out to seek new allies within limbo itself, the other was to have his mages start a detailed study on the essence of limbo, to see if the actual plane itself could be used to their advantage, both programs where successful.\n\n Zelf made contact with the Githrazi, offering a mutual treaty of defense between the two nations, both sides saw the benefit to such, the Githrazi due to a larger amount of Githyanki assaults and Zelf due to the fact he had witnessed the Githrazi destroy a large Slaad force. \n\nWhile Vance’s second program would not pay off as quickly, it did pay off, after close to one hundred and fifty years of study his apprentice came to him with a risky venture, the infusing of a living being with some of the raw essence that made limbo, in effect the creation of an outsider. Once more it was Zelf who was the first to be subjected to the tests, at the time he still felt that many of Vance’s methods where too strong handed, and refused to see helpless people used as test subjects. \n\nThe results where beyond any ones expectations and the Limbians where created, something that deeply impressed the Githrazi whom choose to actually ‘loan’ a small number of their people to the city to help in the training of the necrogaurd. \n\nThis loan soon became permanent however as the city found itself facing attacks from both the Githyanki and the Slaad on an almost constant bases, only the talents of both the Mages and the Necrogaurd kept much of the population alive. For over two hundred years the war against the slaad and the githyanki continued only brought to an end with the Destruction of the Slaad’s nest and the destruction and then undead resurrection of the Githyanki staging point within the Astral plane.\n\nRecently however the city found itself ripped from the plane of limbo, no one truly understands it, though in an address to the city Vance stated only that they have been given a great blessing by Curss.\n\n''Plots and Rumors:'' \n* It is said that the Necrogaurd prepare for battle, but who is the battle against?\n* The great fleet has began to prepare to sail for the first time in centuries, why and where to?\n* There are rumors that a small group wish to over throw the present government, it is unknown if these rumors are true.
''Proper Name:'' Larindor Protectorate \n''Ruler:'' Mage Lord Falvran Hilkotten (Male Human Wiz30/Ftr3/Rog3/Rgr4: CR 43; Medium Native Outsider (Augmented,Augmented); \n''Coat of Arms:'' Swirled Lines of Magic. \n''Government:'' Mage lord and Noble Council. \n''Capital:'' City of Larindor (Population 112,061) \n''Major Cities:''\n* Erinsfall (Pop. 13,000, Mayor: Major General Karfin Dumar (LN Hm Female, Fighter 15)\n* Tilvers Gap (Pop. 3,450 Mayor: Jaris Truestrike (CG Dvn Male, Fighter 2 Aristocrat 5)), Candom (Pop. 1,018 Mayor: Tindar Lesan)\n* Galinway (Pop. 900, Mayor: Alis Tyval)\n* Westfall (pop. 821, Mayor: Eralise Silvercrest)\n* Olindral (Pop. 812. Mayor: Bert Bakerson)\n* Kaythorn (Pop. 412. Mayor: Niaral Walker)\n* Hunting Dale (pop. 411. Mayor: Salinaral Tyalian)\n''Population:'' 2,407,320 Total Population (20% human, 10% Half elven, 5% Elven, 5% Drow, 10% Halfling, 10% Gnome, 10% Half Orc, 10% orc, 10% Dwarven, 3% Other).\n''Working Population:'' 1,444,392\n''Languages:'' Common, Coramyrian, Morathian, Rookies, Oeridunthic, Silderune, Dwarven, Gnomish, Halfling, Orcish \n[>img[images/Larindor_City-small.jpg][images/Larindor_City.JPG]]\n''Starting Equipment:'' \n* Masterwork Longsword, \n* Two Masterwork Daggers \n* Two Scrolls with any two 1st Level Spells. \n''Resources: ''\n''Exports:'' Timber, Iron, Silver, Copper, Coal, Gold, Mithral, Magical and Historical Knowledge, Star Metal, Some Meat products, Stone \n''Imports:'' Herbs, Foodstuff’s, Luxury Items. \n''Coinage:'' Laridorian, Mithral Mantle (PP), Golden Shield (GP), Half Shield (EP), Silver Crown (SP), Copper (CP). \nGolden Bar (50lb Golden Trade Bar, worth 1000 Golden Shields in all nations but the Rook), Mithral bar (25lb Mithral Trade bar worth 10,000 Golden Shields in all nations but the rook)\n''Religions:'' All gods, Mystral is the largest gods worshipped in Larindor. \n''Allies:'' Burrow Shire, Nevermore, Silverway, Coramyr. \n''Enemies:'' The Rook, Nine Hells, The Abyss, The Cult of Curss The Scarlet Brothers, Mugrush’s Hand (Orc Tribe).\n\n''Overview:'' Larindor is the official name of the nation that occupies the center span of The West Ranges. It covers an area of 138,623.72 Miles with two large towns, a Major city and a number of smaller important villages. The primary land that the nation occupies though is mountainous, except for the eastern towns. Larindor City sits at one of the highest points in West Range, and experiences extreme weather conditions through early spring, late autumn and Winter, while summer is generally warm. The city itself taps into the same spring as the Larin River for it’s water supply. The mountain range itself is generally extremely well maintained when it comes to roads though typical mountain weather is to be expected, the southern road is protected by a wall of force to prevent accidents down it’s shear cliff face during the worst of weather conditions. \n\nTilvers Gap located south of Larindor City and in the pass between The West Range and The Mithral Ranges, experiences milder winters, generally mild summers, autumn and spring bring a range of often extreme storms and other weather types. The town itself though is built into the face of the Mithral Range, and has been designed to defend itself against the Armies of the Nine Hells if needed. It is also among one of the most fortified given it’s former close proximity to Banes Hand, which was once the second largest city of Larindor. It is now a Unholy place that untold horrors commonly wander out from. \n\nTo the north east Erinsfall experiences mild summers and cold Winters, with similar conditions to Tilvers Gap during the early spring and late winters, Given it’s proximity to the Mugrush Tribes holdings further north it has an oversized stone palisade protecting the town itself, and supplies that can last up to four months in the case of a siege. \n\nCandom was founded Six years ago on the edge of the Dragon Coast and on the mouth of the Gold Dust river it is a small harbour town that has in the past Four years tripled in size and is well on its way to becoming a major trade port along the coast. \n\n''Military:'' Larindor has a standing military of 28,888\nIt’s primary garrison & training facilities are located in Tilvers Gap, and is home to the Western Army, comprising of 2,000 Armsmen, 500 Pikemen, 500 Spearmen, 500 Crossbow men, 1,000 Archers, 200 Light Calvary, 1,000 Knights employed by the government and supplied by the churches of Tyr, Tempest, St.. Cuthbert, Yondala and Mystral and 1,000 Mages & Clerics (Clerics are supplied generally by the same churches as the knights) for a total of 6,700 soldiers. The city garrison itself is capable of holding up to four times this number for two months or the standing garrison for eight in the case of a siege.\n\nLarindor itself is defended at all times by the largest standing force the First Mage Guard, primarily due to the fact it is the capital and within 3 1/2 days travel at forced march of Tilvers Gap or 5 days from Erinsfall. The First Mage Guard consists of 1,500 Armsmen, 300 Pikemen, 750 Spearmen, 1,000 Bowmen, 1,000 Crossbow men, 200 light Calvary, 1,500 Knights and 5,000 Mages and Clerics.\n\nErinsfall has the third largest Garrison of the nation and it’s actual fort is build into the mountain itself allowing for a lower number to hold the city until reinforcements are able to arrive. The normal garrison is the East Watch, and comprises of 750 Armsmen, 200 Pikemen, 300 spearmen, 300 Bowmen, 500 Crossbow men, 200 Light Calvary, 750 Knights of the order of Solista and St.. Cuthbert and 1,000 Mages and Clerics.\n\nCandorn the nations sole port city is the only other location within the nation that maintains a large fighting force, due to the fact that the city is important to the economy of the nation. The normal garrison force consists of 500 Armsmen, 200 Pikemen, 200 Spearmen, 300 Bowmen, 500 Crossbow men, 200 Light Calvary, 750 Knights of the Order of Tyr and Tempest and 1,000 Mages and Clerics. These forces are officially part of the western army, though are known as the 2nd Western Army on paper.\n\nDivided between the major villages of Westfall, Olindral, Huntingdale and Kaythorn are the remainder of the standing army, these forces consist of 450 Armsmen, 244 Pikemen, 272 Spearmen, 289 Bowmen, 967 Crossbow men, 67 Light Calvary, 333 Knights of the order of Yondala and Mystral and 666 Mages and Clerics.\n\nThese forces are tasked with the defense of the nation along with the maintaining of Law and Order within it’s borders. At any time each major road will have at least two patrols operating along it consisting of at least two standard squads (A larindorian Standard Squad is 21 men including squad leader) plus a patrol commander. \n\nAlong with the standing army, Larindor has the ability to call upon an additional 470,655 troops from it’s general population, better known as the Larindor Militia. This force is primarily made up of peasants or of those who have served within the standing army and later left for other jobs. While not a professional full time army, the Larindor Militia are well drilled, however except for those in the western part of the nation very few have any actual combat experience.\n\n''History:'' The Nation of Larindor has seen a turbulent set of events in it’s short life span, founded originally 631 years ago as Larin’s Hold the nation was once part of Ciramyr and a frontier town, however events shortly after it’s founding lead to the nations of Nevermoore, Ciramyr, Coramyr, Sildara, Silverway, Aradale, Hawkmoore, Silkdale, Mithral Holding and the Burrows forming into a collective council in an attempt to push back what at the time was the largest invasion of it’s time by the Rook. \n\nAs part of the Charter of the council, no capital city could be used for the council meetings and instead Ciramyr offered the small outpost that had been costing it out of pocket, along with the land around it, much of which at the time was nothing more then wilderness. The council accepted and Larins Hold became Larindor, the nation of the council. For the next two hundred years the council worked, the Rook offensive was driven back and Hawkmoore recovered most of it’s previous lands, however shortly after this span of time the alliance of nations began to split. Nevermore was the first to leave the council citing that it had internal problems that required it’s full attention and this was followed quickly by several more of the member nations. The resulting loss of income could have destroyed the nation except that the council whom ruled the city had the foresight to expand the nations holdings. The towns of Erinsfall and Tilversgap had already began to flourish and while the nation was small it found that the number of scholars and sages within it’s borders gave it another resource that it could use to support itself, knowledge.\n\nThe nation continued to flourish at times fighting back Drow incursions from the north along with Barbarian attacks until the council signed a treaty that recognized the barbarians as part of the nation and gave them a seat on the council itself. It was not until the vanishing of Larindor for close to 40 years that the council itself broke. Within the sub plane that it’s mages had accidently sent it to Larindor continued to grow, yet was also trapped, it was not until the arrival of three people from another world beyond their own that the events where set straight and time which had functioned differently within the sub plane restored to normal and Larindor once more returned to the world to which it truly belonged. The return of larindor however also saw the Rook attempt to remove it fearing that the council maybe able to reunite the other nations, six years ago they successfully destroyed the Larindorian council and would have succeed in taking control of the nation itself had not the same three adventurers intervened. \n\nIn the resulting chaos it was Mystral’s Chosen Magistra Falvaran whom was handed the reigns of power becoming the first mage lord of the city. Since that time Larindor has once more began to prosper, despite small border skirmishes against Ciramyr and Hawkmoore, the later never actually acknowledged by either side.\n\n''Plots and Rumors:'' \nRumors have that a large number of troops have been seen near some of the ruins to the north of late, and that perhaps there is a secret keep to the north. If this is so Larindor may be in for trouble. \n\n''Places of Interest:'' \nTomb of the Fallen \n
The most common type of Halfling, Many of them spend much of their youth adventuring due to a calling in their blood while it is not understood why this is so many believe it is a remnant from the days when halfling’s could not settle in one place. \n\nLightfoot Halfling’s follow all the Racial Abilities of Halfling’s from the Players Handbook. Except where noted.\n\n* Automatic Languages: Common, Hyindali, Halfling\n* Bonus Languages: Kinalda (Gnomish), Ruinthica (Dwarven), Silderuin, Coramyrian, Goblin, Gnoll, Orcish
Limbo rings the planes and yet also is ringed by them.. It follows the rules of Limbo from the DMG and Planular Handbook. Except as follows: \n\nMagic is harder to cast here, all Caster Level Checks are Considered to be at -4 Caster Level, if this removes the ability to cast a spell (you fall below of the Required Caster level) Then you may not use that spell within this plane. \n
~ [[Welcome]] ~\n[[The Multiverse]]\n* - [[Cosmology]]\n\n\n[[The World of Harlath]]\n* - [[Aran]]\n** - [[Races]]\n* - Illana\n* - Lin'Fa Ming\n* - Dingala\n* - Harlia\n* - Tranquil Isles\n* - Brayt\n* - Vakalina\n\n[[Mattiums Guide to Aran]]\n* [[Nations of Aran]]\n\n[[Copyright Notice]]\n[[OGL LICENSE]]
The Material plane is by most schoolar and sages views the center of the Cosmology, some disagree and state that the Shadow Plane is as it clearly emboidies the one absolute of all reality but those who have such views are few and as such we have presented the Planes as most see them. Within the Material plane all objects as normally presived exist, the rules are those which we live in each and every day. Gravity makes objects fall to the ground (most of the time), Air is required to breath, Cold is Cold and Hot is Hot. \n
This Guide details the realms of Aran, it does not go into detail on the other lands, as those lands have their own scholars.\n \nAnd before we do get to far into looking at each of the states and nations, I must state that the material here is not and can not be comprehensive, nor can it be considered completely accurate. Let us be factorial and truthful to one another, Rumors, legends and plane old passing of time changes things from when the material was collected to when, you the person reading it get around to reading it. The Church of Tyr in Larindor do their best to keep records on each nation but I can not promise you that I have everything correct, I myself should also warn you now that this guide does not cover the following items and political groups: \n\n[<img[images/aran-political.jpg][images/aran-political-large.jpg]]\nSmall Keeps and Villages, of less then one thousand people unless they are of importance to a realm.\n\nVery small or independent nations or want to be nations that spring up in the area’s not controlled by the larger nations. They shift and change that by the time you are reading this you could go and visit one that I may have described only to find a burnt out hut. \n\nThe numerous orc and other less then desirable encampments, which also have the problem of changing hands or being completely destroyed far to often for the good of any one. \n\nThe various smaller ruins and dungeons that are not of major importance, \n\nIn other words my friends this guide is anything but a compleat and utterly flawless guide, if you are after that then I suggest you await my Much larger published works, which will with Elinastri’s blessings and Tyr’s permissions become available soon. \n\nSo what is actually in this guide? I’ve told you what is not in it, so what will you find inside it?\n\nInside this guide you will find detailed as much as I can in the limitations that have been placed on me by the council and the temples, all that I or the council of Larindor know of the nations of the Aran. You will find the names, rulers, people with power and even the history in brief of each nation as well as places of importance that may be within their boarders. \n\nEach nation has been divided into sections to help you look up information quickly as I know, when your standing about to bow before the high lord or king you don’t have time to pour through hundreds of entries hoping you can remember his name. So I have divided each section up as follows: \n\n[<img[images/aran-main.jpg][images/aran-main-large.jpg]]\n\n''Name:'' The name of the country \n''Ruler:'' The ruler of the country \n''Coat of arms:'' The Banner or Coat of arms that the Nation flies.\n''Government System:'' The Type of Government \n''Capital:'' The City that is presently the Capital \n''Major Cities:'' The major cities of the nation, plus any associated with the city and the size of each. \n''Population:'' The overall population of the nation from the last council census or the best information given, this lists the total population and the % of that population that each race makes up. \n''Working Population:'' The total population that is able to actually work, this includes anyone who is a productive member of the society or part of the military forces.\n''Resources:'' This section is divided into two areas one is the Major resources that the nation has, as well as those that it exports, the other is the items that the nation presently imports. \n''Coinage:'' The system of coins that the nation uses, not all just call coins golds, silver, copper you know. \n''Languages:'' The most common languages in the nation, generally those listed here are understood by at least half the population or at least one major racial group. \n''Starting Equipment:'' Alternative Starting Items you may take. \n''Religions:'' The Major gods that are worshiped in the nation, and any who are forbidden \n''Allies:'' The allies that a nation has and if known why they are allied \n''Enemies:'' The Enemies that a nation has, this includes other nations, large or powerful groups that are working against the interests of the nation. \n''Overview:'' A geographical overview of the climate, fauna and flora that is unusual, major highways and any landmarks that can be used to guide oneself. \n''Military:'' The Current military state of the nation, it’s known standing army size and make of the army (Please remember this COULD be largely mistaken so don’t plan on coming after me if you attack a nation only to find they had four times the numbers I listed). \n''History:'' A brief look at the history of the Nation, major turning points in the history and anything else I have felt you might find interesting. \n''Plots and Rumors:'' Rumors and known plots and troubles currently effecting the nation. \n\n[[Nations of Aran]]
The most common and far spread of all the Dwarven races, the Mithral dwarves are a proud and boisterous race. They have a rich culture which they have managed to continue even through the ages with whole clans of them residing under one great king or clan lord. They are the rulers of the Mithral Holdings and can quiet often be found in almost any place or location. \n\nIt is not uncommon though to find Mithral Dwarves anywhere you go, many prefer to live apart from their own race while others seeking the glory and luster of years past serve in other countries as Armsmen, mercenaries or even adventurers. \n\nMithral dwarves have all the Abilities of dwarves from the Players Handbook except as follows. \n\n* +1 Racial bonus on attacks against Drow, Orc’s and Goblinoids. \n\n* Automatic Languages: Ruinthica, Dwarven ,Common\n* Bonus Languages: Giant, Kinalda, Terran, Undercommon, Oeridunthic
''Proper Name: '' The Dwarven Nation of Mithral Holdings \n''Ruler:'' The Fourteenth King Numbral Swiftaxe (NG Male Gold Dwarf Fighter 15) \n''Coat of Arms:'' Hammer on a Mountain \n''Government:'' Clan/Monarchy \n''Capital:'' Dwarven Holme (Pop. 211,915) \n''Major Cities:''\n* Silverhall (Pop. 161,393)\n* Amberdowns (Pop. 129,910)\n* Kings Hold (Pop. 72,910)\n* Hammer Farse (Pop. 11,910).\n''Population:'' 10,105,864 Total Population(10% human, 5% Half elven, 1% Elven, 4% Drow, 2% Halfling, 5% Gnome, 2% Half Orc, 1% orc, 70% Dwarven, 5% Other).\n''Working Population:'' 6,063,518\n''Languages:'' Terran, Dwarven, Common, Coramyrian, Oeridunthic, Gnomish \n''Starting Equipment: ''\n* Warhammer, Dwarven Waraxe or Dwarven Urgosh\n* Breastplate and potion of cure light wounds \n* Chain Shirt and 10 Arrows or Bolts \n* Longsword, Shortsword, Crossbow or Short Bow \n* Studded Leather armor and 2nd Level scroll \n''Resources:'' \n* ''Exports:'' Mithral, Iron, Silver, Steel, Weapons, Tools, Art, Armor, Stone, Chemicals, Gems, furs. \n* ''Imports:'' Food, Manufactured Goods, Spices, Wine, Pottery \n''Coinage:'' Mintral: Mithral (PP), Golden Hawk (GP), Gem (EP), Silver Falcon (SP), Copper Sparrow (CP). \n''Religions:'' Moradin, Dumathoin, Garl Glittergold, Urdlen , Dwarven & Gnomish Deities.\n''Allies:'' Nevermore, Burrow Shire\n''Enemies:'' The Rook \n\n''Overview:'' The Largest of the Dwarven Nations and the only one that can truly be called such, Mithral Holding, has for as long as the Dwarven race can remember been their homelands. \n\nNestled within the great Mithral ranges, it is truly the largest kingdom in existence extending from the tallest peek where Dwarven Holme, the ancient city and home of the dwarven race, to the deep underdark. \n\nIt’s surface lands are among the most inhospitable lands of Aran, the ranges constantly covered almost year round in ice and snow, though even in these conditions the dwarves have flourished, with four great cities and one smaller town. \n\nDwarven Holme is the largest and strongest of these, build into the Titan Peek it’s halls actually take up over 90% of the mountains interior, augmented by wards and even elven high magic in places. A fortress unlike any other it’s defenses have withstood every assault ever leveled at it and great stone statues, serve as monuments and guardians to the city itself. \n\nTo the north of Dwarven Holme rests Kingshold, which serves as both a frontier city and stronghold for defense against nations such as Hawkmoore, while not as impressive as Silverhall or Amberdowns, like Dwarven Holme, it is a nigh on impenetrable fortress, though it’s lower altitude and the lush grasslands allow it to act as a farming community at times. \n\nTo the west, lies the second of the dwarves great fortress cities, Silverhall. Built like Dwarven Holme into the very rock of the mountains it sits in, Silverhall has for centuries been the launching point for the war against the drow, as well as a key trade link to the western lands. A grand city it’s halls are lined with pure Mithral, and it is rumored that ten great mithral statues serve as the guards to the inner most chambers of the halls. \n\nTo the south lies Amberdowns and Hammer Farse, the first has seen brutal fighting over the ages, facing both drow assaults, orc barbarian attacks and even horde raiders in it’s time. Built out of amber and marble it shines even in the darkest of nights from the tip of Moradin’s Hand where it’s grand halls cover. The entire peak top is actually transparent a gift from the elven nation of Aradale for the aid the dwarves gave in the Horde War. \n\nHammerfarse is the newest of the Dwarven cities, a major trade stop and a bustling place of industry it is from here that most Caravans set out to the south traveling overland to the Mithral forest and south down the River of Flames to Nevernight.\n\n''Military:'' While some may not consider it the largest standing army in the lands, it is perhaps the strongest. The Dwarves are taught from birth the dangers of the lands they call home and from birth they are trained in survival and defence of there lands. This and the fact that many of them just do not know when to quit makes them one of the most Formidable fighting forces within the lands. \nEach clan of which at the time of this writing there are 23, maintain their own standing army each sworn to the present king and at his command and call, In total the nation has 121,270 Battle ready soldiers at any one time (All of which are at least 4th - 8th Level Fighters/Rangers or Paladins). Of this 1,000 Make up the Griffon Guard or those dwarves trained in the art of griffon riding and members of the nations elite forces. 100 Further make up the Dragon Guard and through deals made with Metallic Dragons are considered to be the Elite of the Elite, each riding a Dragon into combat. \n\nThe cities themselves are fortresses made to survive attacks not only of the physical nature but also of the magical, and multiple escape routes are available. \n\nThe King himself is considered to be the head of the army and all troops answer to him, however the Appointed defender of the Realm and hand of Moradon is Dralia Silverhammer (NG Female Shield Dwarf Fighter 4, Paladin 10, Hammer of Moradon 5). \n\n''History:'' The true history of Mithral holding may very well never be known, it has existed for quiet some time and while over the years it has faced internal strife it has never once splintered. This may be because the dwarven habit for sticking together but few know. \n\nWhat is known of the land is that since it’s founding it has stood along side the Halfling’s and Gnomes, a pact made so long ago none remember it, when ever one nation or the other comes into troubles the others are their to aid. \n\nIn the times that history has been recorded however it is known that Mithral Holdings once covered much of the area now occupied by Larindor and Hawkmoore, however the great elven wars saw the Drow destroy much of this area, conquering and enslaving those whom they took. It was only through the combined efforts of the Dwarven armies and the Elven armies that the drow where actually defeated and to this day, both races remember the deeds of the past, and neither has forgotten nor forgiven sparking a war that has lasted for well over four thousand years. \n\nWhile not always an open war, it has long since created the rift between the two races, the Dwarves trusting only those drow who have proven themselves, or those who where born in either Larindor or Mithral Holdings itself. \n\nWhen the great horde rose in the east and the orc horde rose in the south, the Holdings face two enemies that almost crushed it, only by pulling it’s forces back from a number of area’s on it’s western borders did it actually survive, something that cost them dearly when the drow took the city of Golden Hall. It is rumored that on that day close to a million dwarves died, some in the fighting others sacrificed to Lolth, women and children where beaten some even given to the Drow’s allies as play toys before the end. From that day onwards the city itself has been referred to as the Dark Halls and has become one of the center points of the Dwarf - Drow war. \n\nWith one city lost however and the horde pressing on it’s lands, Mithral Holdings was forced to ally itself once more with the elves of Aradale, something they had been reluctant to do since the great war. Surprisingly the alliance born out of desperation lead to a better understanding and since the two nations while not allies have remained on friendly terms. \n\nThings returned to a more stable manner after the attacks, and it was not until the Rook war that the Dwarves once more found themselves facing a large force other then the Drow, with the lands to the north held by Hawkmoore whom the dwarves had little relations to where conquered piece by piece they began once more to prepare for war, calling on the nations around them to do the same, it was an event that would see massive repercussions at the end of the war, as when they where defeated the Guild De Magus put to death every dwarf within the Rooks remaining lands, and placed a trade embargo on their goods. \n\nIt was only a few short years after this, that the dwarves where approached by an emissary of the Hiorc nation, seeing the dwarves as crafters and also possible allies against the drow who threatened their cities within the underdark the Hiorc’s formed an alliance, the two nations have remained Trade Partners and when area’s near places controlled by both lands are threaten even military allies as well. \n\nIn more recent times, the Dwarves have been allies to both Larindor and Nevermoore, however with the problems that have occurred in Larindor recently and the death of the Kings second son at the hand of the Rookies within the city itself Mithral Holding withdrew it’s support from the council and the nation, though it still remains a strong trade partner. It has also began to take note of the build up of forces both from Othiam & Nevermore to the south and Hawkmoore to the north, having lost one city to Hawkmoore in recent times.\n\n''Plots and Rumors:'' \n* Hawkmoore has been seen massing armies to the north, is war Brewing? \n* Rumors say a great new dungeon complex has been found within the heart of the mountains, if this is true the riches to be had could be worth the risk
Moreian is the name given to the mixed human bloodline of Nevermore, formed from the continued intermixing of family and family lines from across Aran.\n\n[>img[images/morian.jpg]]\n\nMoreian’s are by far the most common of all the human bloodlines due to this fact and as such they also have the greatest diversity of skin tone, hair color and even eye color. \n\nWhile Moreian’s are technically a mixing of all bloodlines this does not mean that they do not have a culture of their own or a common ancestry, their actual name comes from the fact that many of them originated in the area that is now nevermore and slowly spread out. Their tolerance for other races has meant that over the centuries the bloodlines have steadily mixed to the current state.\n\n* Automatic Languages: Common, Morathian \n* Bonus Languages: Any but secret languages such as Druidic \n
Linked closely with and overlapping both the Material plane and each of the Elemental planes Mystrica is the place from which all magic within the world steams, it is in a way more a subplane then a true plane in itself, created by the Interactions of the raw elemental fury of the elemental plane’s interactions with the stabilization of the Material Plane. It is a plane infused with magic, and except in places where magic itself has been damaged or denied entrance the perfect mirror of the Material plane, although in itself it a plane of brillence and what many have described as streams of elementals all mingling and forming togeather. \n\nIt is from this plane that all magic (except that of shadow) is pulled, when a Wizard uses his words to call forth a firespell, he channels the part of the Plane of Magic that enfuses him to do his will, and thus effect the rest of the plane where it overlaps the material plane. And when traveling to other planes it is this innate part of Mystrica that he calls upon to cast his spells and why in some planes such as those of the Far, that magic becomes less potent. \n\nWhen a Mage casts a spell of Arcane sight or Detect magic it is this plane that the caster see’s, even when shadow magic is detected it’s use interacts with that of this plane and thus allows one to see it’s. \n\nThe plane itself is unreachable by a planeshift spell though and may only be acessed through other spells or of the grace of Mystral. Though some speak of places within the Elemental planes where one can step into this realm. \n\nIt is believed that this Plane was the plane in which larindor had at one stage managed to get trapped withing.. \n\nThe Plane of Magic corresponds with the normal aspects of Reality except that: \n\nEnhanced Magic. All Spells cast within the plane of magic are considered to have been cast as though they had been Heightened and Maximized.
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''Proper Name:'' Nevermore \n''Ruler:'' His Royal Magisty King Parnam Nevral II (LN Hmn Male, Fght 15, Bard 5, Arist 5) \n''Coat of Arms:'' Castle above a split river. \n''Government:'' Monarchy \n''Capital:'' Nevermore (Population 64,810) \n''Major Cities:'' \n* Nevernie (Pop. 12,855, Mayor: Baroness Arenira Selus (LG Hlf Elf Fem, Cleric 4))\n* Twislemall (Pop. 12,827 Mayor: Duchess Brala Nevral (NG hmn Fem, Sorc 10, Cleric 5, Arist 10)), \n* Shardin (Pop. 3,896, Mayor: Count Ben Yargith (N Hmn Male, Fght 5, Arist 4))\n* Wailing Far (Pop. 3,431), Juarlin (Pop. 1,210)\n* Stalton (pop 1,310)\n* Bakers Rest (pop. 1,519)\n* Valinward (pop 1,823)\n* Yildarin (pop 3,102). \n''Population:'' 8,310,582 (43% human, 5% Elven, 3% Drow, 12% Half Elven, 7% Dwarven, 8% Halfling, 5% Gnome, 6% Half Orc 7% Orc, 4% Other).\n''Working Population:'' 4,986,349\n''Languages:'' Common, Morathian, Silderune, Dwarven, Gnomish, Halfling, Orcish \n''Starting Equipment:'' \n* Master Work weapon suited to class and Leather Armor. \n''Resources:'' \n* ''Exports:'' Timber, Foodstuffs, Magic Goods, Metals, Herbs, Luxury Items, Gemstones, Silks \n* ''Imports:'' Metals, Luxury Items, Weapons, Magical Knowledge, Foodstuffs. \n''Coinage:'' Nevermorian, Dragon Pence (PP), Royal Pence (GP), Silver Pence (EP), Half Pence (SP), Copper Penny (CP). \n''Religions:'' Any\n''Allies:'' Sildara, Burrow Shire, Mithral Holdings, Coramyr, Knights of Helm, Knights of the Sun \n''Enemies:'' Rook City State, Scarlet Brothers, Knights of the Dark Mask, Gruumish’s Sons. \n\n''Overview:'' One of the most powerful of the Aranian nations, Nevermore Sits on the west Coast of the Storm Sea extending from the southern most reaches of the Elf War Wastes, south until 55 miles north of Oathiam and west to the Shadow lake. \n\nIt is one of the most prosperous of all the nations with it’s largest city and capital Nevermore having an all year deep water harbour. The City itself was built as a new capital upon the crowning of King Tamian Nevral almost four hundred years ago and is shown to most as the perfect example of a mix of Dwarven, Human and Elven design and construction. Experiencing warm summers, mild winters, springs and autumns Nevermore has grown to become one of the main trade capitals and learning centers in all Aran. Castle Nevermore situated in the heart of the city is perhaps the largest castle in existence towering almost 220 feet into the air, one can spend days staring at it and the myriad of flags and banners that fly from it’s battlements. Over 64,810 people call the city home all year round and during summer the actual population is known to grow up to five fold as people from across Aran travel to trade, learn or seek adventure. \n\nSituated within the city itself is also the High Temple of Obad-Hi and the High Temple of Knowledge, the later being the largest repository of knowledge in all the Aranian lands and perhaps all of the world, sprawling across nearly five miles and six floors it’s massive libraries are told to contain a copy of every scroll, book or spell ever written including those lost to time itself. \n\nNevernie while considerably smaller is one of the main stops along the great East - West Trade road, and for many along the great north trade road as well, caravans from Coramyr, Mithral Holdings, Larindor and even Burrowshire make their stops at Nevernie making it an extremely important city for trade, and great caravan stops spread out well beyond the city walls.\n\nThe Final large city of Nevermore is Twislemall, the second major trade port of the region and ruled by the Kings sister, Twislemall is the only city in Nevermore that remains completely within it’s original walls and this is primarily because the city’s original walls where built almost four times the distance that they originally thought would be needed to date you can see buildings now actually built next to the walls, and indeed some of the city has began to build upwards rather then continue to expand into the country side. \n\n''Military:'' The largest and most powerful Army of the east belongs to Nevermore, while the commonly enlisted and ready soldiers actually appears less then Coramyr’s with only 99,727 on active duty at any time, the realm actually has closer to 1,724,529 Soldiers available for muster within two days of notice. The reason for this is that from the age of 16 through to the age of 18 all citizens of Nevermore are required to spend no less then two months of service within the nations military, during this time, each citizen is given a set of armor and a weapon based on their proficiency (generally a longsword and shield for infantry, a longbow and quiver for archers along with a short sword and leather or studded leather armor) they are expected to maintain these items in ready and working order as well. The result of this is that the nation can when a call for muster or levies is issued field combat trained soldiers rather then common peasants that most of the other nations are forced to use. \n\nThe Standard military though is divided into three groups, the Crown Guard under the employ of the Crown itself, 30,000 of the states permanent military are in the employ of the crown guard, the Nobel Guard, maintained and employed by the nobles of the realm, comprised of the remainder of the main body and the third is the Nevermore Battlemages comprising of 400 spell casters mixed between the units. \n\nAlong with the standard military units nevermore also has the ability to call upon the churches within it’s boarders for use of their knights, generally the Knights of The Silver Saint and Helm will supply 1,500 - 3,000 troops for the state. \n\n''History:'' The Second oldest of Aran’s human nations Nevermore was at one time part of the Great Horde Lands until the collapse of the nations power during the second Khan War. It was only through the actions of one of the lesser Khans that Nevermore did not collapse completely. Instead by taking control of the shattered villages the first King Alfrand \nNeverson bound them into a small nation that endured attack after attack. The village nations soon formed into a much larger one as the king took control of more land and more resources, and by the end of the migrations it had reached much of the position that it occupies now. \n\nTo say however that Nevermores history is all joy and hope is anything but true, shortly before the gods war the nation was almost brought down from within when Fedran the Black attempted through assassination to bring down the royal family and place his own into power, in doing so sparking a civil war that lasted two years before he was finally captured, tried and beheaded for his crimes. \n\nAgain the Gods war and the events that followed where anything but kind to Nevermore as well, with tens of thousands dieing during the time as the churches and temples within it’s own boarders went to war with each other, indeed the original ruling family of Neverson was over thrown during this period when Kalisa Neverson ordered that all temples and churches within nevermore be ripped down and all religious heads be brought before her for punishment. The result was that her own nobles turned on her lead by house Nevral and had her imprisoned and later executed for her crimes against the people, House Nevral was promoted to the position of Monarch’s shortly after. \n\nWith the founding of the council of Larindor, Nevermore originally believed it to be a good idea and indeed placed a lot of it’s own resources and effort into support of the council, for two hundred years it seemed that this belief was correct until the great mistake occurred and it’s faith in the council was shattered. For almost ten years the city refused to even pay any form of contribution other then the soldiers that it already supplied to the council, and even since that time the nation has steadily withdrawn it’s funding from the council, acting less and less as the council decrees. \n\nThe result of course has been that Nevermore has in recent years began to flex it’s power for the first time in two hundred years, it has began to look towards it’s southern neighbor, and even to the north at Hawkmoore, though few know if it is indeed for war or trade.\n\n''Plots and Rumors:'' \n* Nevermore is one of the largest power brokers of Aran, if it chooses to flex it’s power very few lands could stop it on their own. However a large number of problems actually prevents this from happening. Within the nation itself noble families are often vying for power, any attempt to curry favor, the merchant guilds value money and trade over war and have the ability to cause a large amount of problems for the crown should it attempt a large war not in their interests. \n
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Oeridunthan’s are considered by most to be a Barbaric people with little to no culture or much of anything for that matter. This could not be further from the truth. \n\nWhile as a race they are varied in looks they all do have common traits in that they all have a dark tan or dusky skin color even those raised in the mountain regions, there eyes are slanted and commonly emerald or brown in color while hair tones are generally black or dark browns\n\nOeridunthan’s are known to have originated over ten thousand years ago in the far west and at one stage they ruled much of the world, only stopped in their expansion by the Orcish Hordes that rose in the lands south of Aran and the Elven empires of Aran at the time. Since this period of time they have become nomadic in nature, wandering the endless plains and the great desert. Their society is Clan or family based with the leaders known as Khans roughly once every 200 or so years they form a great host that raids and attacks area’s nearby. \n\nThey are also expert horsemen, and many breed and sell horses to make a living. \n\n* Automatic Languages: Common, Oeridunthic, Orcish\n* Bonus Languages: Any but secret languages such as Druidic
Orc’s are rarer then their half orc off spring to be found in the great cities of Aran but a large number have given up their old ways and become civilised. Orc’s first arrived over ten thousand years ago and since that time have found themselves depending on the times hunted down and slaughtered by the tribe especially when they ravished whole sections of Aran, while at other times they have been welcomed into civilization. They are most numerous in Nevermore while in the Rook City State they are considered nothing more then mindless barbarians who are to be hunted down and slain. \n\nOrc’s have all the racial traits of Mountain Orc’s. (See monster manual) \n\nFor any orc that has become civilised the favored class is changed to Fighter. \n
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''Proper Name:'' The City State of Quinra\n''Ruler:'' Darin Malton (Asmair, LG, Fighter 2, Arist 6)\n''Coat of Arms:'' Blue and Black Banner\n''Government:'' Council\n''Capital:'' Quinral (4,832)\n''Major Cities:'' None\n''Population:'' 28,198 (20% human, 9% elf, 1% drow, 2% half elven, 1% dwarven, 2% halfling, 2% gnome, 5% half orc, 56% orc, 2% other)\n''Working Population:'' 16,919\n''Languages:'' Orthaduntic, Common\n''Starting Equipment:'' \n* Masterwork Sword & Armor\n* Two wands with any 2 first level spells plus a scroll of Magic missiles. \n''Resources:'' \n* ''Exports:'' Timber, Grain, Fish, Flower, Spirits\n* ''Imports:'' Metals, Coal, Finished Goods, Luxury Items\n''Coinage:'' Larindorian\n''Religions:'' Obinan (Primary), Any.\n''Allies:'' Burrow Shire.\n''Enemies:'' None\n\n''Overview:'' \nA small and young nation recently founded on the Fallen Star Sea, Quinra has the rustic feel of a frontier town. It’s lands are relative small and though it claims in theory a large section of the area around it, it actually patrols only those area’s it uses for production. \n\nThe city itself is spread out, though the inner most section of the town remains within the walls of the original stockade which has recently been upgraded to stone. A newer outer wall has began to be constructed but is at present incomplete. The city does however have an unusually high amount of Taverns and inns due to it’s location on the trade route, and it has recently become one of the more visited ports, shipping goods from Hawkmoore to Larindor.\n\nWith only the city and a few farmers to really tax the city itself has come up with another way to ensure that it has the coins needed to stay operational. Any person with out proof that they actually live within the city itself or the immediate area (generally a writ is given to this effect), must pay a 2 copper entry fee if entering on foot with only a pack, 2 silvers if entering on horse back, or 2 golds if entering with a single wagon. Likewise all shipments are also taxed as they arrive within the city.\n\n''Military:'' Quinra’s army is little more then the city watch and a small road patrol, numbering at only 338 persons in total, much of it’s forces are either within the city itself, or spread along the roads to keep banditry to a minimum. \n\nThe military follows a simple protocol, answering to the council though armsmaster Wendy Tompson (CN, Hmn Female, fght 10, Arist 6) who assigns patrol leaders and heads the city watch.\n\n''History:'' The history of Quinra is not much at all, given the nation is barely more then a few score or so years in age. Originally it was nothing more then a small way stop on the Fallen star trade route, however the increase in merchant travel and the need for a stop came to the attention of Darin Malton. Seeing it as a possible way of making coins other then traveling he instead began the construction of an inn, that inn shortly lead to more and more buildings around it as others moved into the area. Thus Quinral was founded and with it, the small city state as Darin and the council of merchant’s refused to answer to any one else in the area.\n\nIt has however welcomed Orc’s of all types and is one of the largest civilized orcish populations in existence, with over 50% of it’s population being made up of pure orc’s.\n\n''Plots and Rumors:'' \nRumors have it that some of the council are skimming funds, who knows if this is actually true.\n\nThe number of attacks of late from bandits has increased is it coincidence?
''Humans''\n\nFour major human races exist now of what was once over sixteen, through interbreeding and the mixing of bloodlines until they have become the separate bloodlines that they are now. In most places bloodline or race is given little thought, after all an intelligent human is an intelligent human, but in some places bloodline play’s an important part in what class of citizen you are. \n\n* [[Coramyrian]]\n* [[Moreian]]\n* [[Oeridithan]]\n* [[Rookise]]\n\n''Elves''\n\nive major breeds of elves continue to exist in the world of Aran. Unlike most worlds the elves are not divided straight by race with the Drow fighting every one else, Rather most live in peace together. Three main Elven Kingdoms exist, Sildara is ruled by King Olestria a sun elf, who is married to Queen Silmiera a Moon elf, while in the south the great forest nation of Aradale is ruled by the Coronal Islimar and the council of races. And Silverway the home of the Elves.\n\nElves no matter the breed do have one language they call their own which is called Silderune.\n\n* [[Drow]]\n* [[Surface Drow]]\n* [[Silver Elves]]\n* [[Gold Elves]]\n* [[Green Elves]]\n* [[Copper Elves]]\n* [[Half Elves]]\n\n''Dwarves''\n\nProud, strong, loud, drunk all these words would describe a dwarf and yet not do them justice, the dwarves of Aran are an extremely proud race that rule over the northern mountain ranges along with there smaller brothers the gnomes, They are master craftsmen and it is rare to find items that do not have some dwarvish work in them. Teamed with the inventiveness of the gnomes makes the dwarves of Aran almost with out peer. There are 3 Races of Dwarves that exist in Aran, the Gold, Shield and Gray, each co-exist with the world around them. \n\n\n* [[Gold Dwarves]]\n* [[Grey Dwarves]]\n* [[Mithral Dwarves]]\n\n''Gnomes''\n\nGnomes, Elves and Dwarves are the only race truly native to the continent of Aran. Only one race of gnomes remain though at one stage a second race known as Deep Gnomes did exist, however the entire race was killed during the Blood Wars. Since this time Rock Gnomes moved into area’s controlled by either Halfling’s or Dwarves for better protection but have waged a war against the Drow in hopes of gaining revenge for the murder of their cousins. \n\n\n* [[Gnome]]\n\n''Halfling’s''\n\nShort, strong willed and yet curious halfling’s within Aran are as diverse as humans in many ways. The majority come out of the Burrows though one can find them no matter where they travel. Two distinct races of Halfling’s exist the more Nomadic Lightfoot Halfling’s and the far more settled Shire Halfling’s. \n\nHalfling’s as a whole are known the Hyin, no one really knows where this term came from but many believe it is in part to do with their origins and nature with Hyin in halfling meaning wanderer.\n\n* [[Lightfoot Halfling]]\n* [[Shire Halfling]]\n\n''Half Orc’s and Orc’s''\n\nHalf Orc’s and Orc’s are among the most numerous of all races on Aran, Most are highly civilised and live side by side with normal humans, while others remain uncivilized and plunder the nations around their camps and settlements. \n\n* [[Orcs]]\n* [[Half Orcs]]\n* [[Hiorc]]\n\n''Planestouched''\n\nPlanestouched are a common occurrence in Aran given it once existed in close proximity to the planes. It is not uncommon to find them either living among humans and other races or living amongst the race that spawned them. Rather then go into detail on each Type we refer you to The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting for the majority of information on each type, a list of the Type of Planestouched that Aran has is listed below and any that are special cases have individual entries. \n\n\n''Fey'Touched''\n\nCarrying the blood of Humans and creatures of the fey or the border of the spirit realms, Fey’Touched Fey’Touched are tall and extremely beautiful, with a grace that goes beyond that of a normal race. Their skin is usually a golden tan or dazzling silver gold while there eyes and hair are often bright or earthy colors. \n\n* [[Fae'Touched]]\n\n''Random Height and Weight''\n\n''Random Height''\n<html><table width=300>\n<tr><td>Race</td><td>Adult</td><td>Middle</td><td>old</td><td>venerable</td><td>maximum</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Dwarf</td><td>40</td><td>125</td><td>188</td><td>250</td><td>+2d100</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Human</td><td>14</td><td>45</td><td>65</td><td>70</td><td>+2d20</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Hiorc</td><td>15</td><td>60</td><td>85</td><td>110</td><td>+2d20</td>\n<tr><td>Elf (all others)</td><td>110</td><td>175</td><td>263</td><td>350</td><td>+4d100</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Elf, Gold</td><td>110</td><td>210</td><td>315</td><td>420</td><td>+6d100</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Elf, Silver</td><td>110</td><td>200</td><td>300</td><td>410</td><td>+4d100</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Half Elf/Drow</td><td>20</td><td>62</td><td>93</td><td>125</td><td>+3d10</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Feytouched</td><td>15</td><td>80</td><td>190</td><td>250</td><td>+1d100</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Gnome</td><td>40</td><td>100</td><td>150</td><td>200</td><td>+10d6</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Halfling</td><td>20</td><td>50</td><td>75</td><td>100</td><td>+4d6</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Orc</td><td>14</td><td>30</td><td>40</td><td>50</td><td>+4d4</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Half Orc</td><td>14</td><td>30</td><td>45</td><td>60</td><td>+2d6</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Planestouched</td><td>15</td><td>45</td><td>68</td><td>90</td><td>+3d20</td></tr>\n</table>\n</html>\n\n''Random Weight''\n<html>\n<table width=300>\n<tr><b><td colspan="3">Height</td><td colspan="3">Weight</td></b></tr>\n<tr><td><b>Race</td><td>Male</td><td>Female</td><td></td><td>Male</td><td>Female</td><td></td></b></tr>\n<tr><td>Dwarf</td><td>3’9”</td><td>3’7”</td><td>+2d4</td><td>130lbs</td><td>100lbs</td><td>x2d6</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Human<td>4’10”</td><td>4’5”</td><td>+2d10</td><td>120lbs</td><td>85lbs</td><td>x2d4</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Hiorc</td><td>5’10”</td><td>5’6”</td><td>+2d10</td><td>160lbs</td><td>120lbs</td><td>x2d6</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Elf, Copper</td><td>4’10”</td><td>4’5”</td><td>+2d10</td><td>100lbs</td><td>80lbs</td><td>x2d4</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Elf, Green</td><td>5’0”</td><td>4’10”</td><td>+2d12</td><td>100lbs</td><td>80lbs</td><td>x2d4</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Elf, Gold</td><td>5’2”</td><td>5’</td><td>+2d10</td><td>90lbs</td><td>70lbs</td><td>x2d4</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Elf, Silver</td><td>4’10”</td><td>4’5”</td><td>+2d10</td><td>90lbs</td><td>70lbs</td><td>x2d4</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Half Elf/Drow</td><td>4’7”</td><td>4’5”</td><td>+2d8</td><td>100lbs</td><td>80lbs</td><td>x2d4</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Feytouched</td><td>4’8”</td><td>4’6”</td><td>+2d10</td><td>90lbs</td><td>80lbs</td><td>x2d4</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Gnome</td><td>3’0”</td><td>2’10”</td><td>+2d4</td><td>40lbs</td><td>35lbs</td><td>x1</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Halfling</td><td>2’8”</td><td>2’6”</td><td>+2d4</td><td>30lbs</td><td>25lbs</td><td>x1</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Orc</td><td>5’8”</td><td>5’ 0”</td><td>+2d10</td><td>150lbs</td><td>150lbs</td><td>x2d6</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Half Orc</td><td>4’10</td><td>4’4</td><td>+2d10</td><td>130lbs</td><td>90lbs</td><td>x2d4</td></tr>\n<tr><td>Planestouched</td><td>4’10”</td><td>4’5”</td><td>+2d10</td><td>120lbs</td><td>85lbs</td><td>x2d4</td></tr>\n</table>\n</html>
Rookise are the descendents of the race of humans that arrived with the City known as Gildor’s Rook and a small group of humans known as the Suelise whom they picked up during their plane shifting. \n[>img[images/rookies.jpg]]\n\nThey are an extremely temperamental people, who believe themselves as the elite and only perfect form of humans to exist within the world. As such you can generally expect almost all Rookise to fit the same bill at least looks wise. \n\nThey are all fair with their skin commonly being a pale white or very light tan, eye’s typically blue or violet though at times ranges to a grey or a silver while their hair is generally a more fair color such as blond, light brown or auburn and in some cases even silver. \n\nAs a race Rookise are Elitist or racist depending on how one wishes to look at it, they breed only among their own people as a way of keeping their bloodline pure with the only exception to such being Elves (or Half Elves whom carry rookise bloodlines) whom due to their ability with magic they consider to be equals. They consider any other Human bloodline to be at the least inferior to their own and any other race’s bloodlines except those whom are obviously related to Elves, Celestial, Abyssal or some other divine aspect to be completely second class creatures not worthy of even their presence. This hatred is especially deep for dwarves in most cases.\n\nOf course there are always exceptions to this rule and it is not uncommon to find Rookise in lands other then the rook whom are racially tolerant.\n\nGenerally Rookise work in the fields of Magic as their blood has strong ties to such.\n\n* Automatic Languages: Common, Rookise\n* Bonus Languages: Any but secret languages such as Druidic
''Proper Name:'' The Nation of Semb’a \n''Ruler:'' High Lord Winston Adam Reffa. (Fighter 2, Aristocrat 10, Expert 2) \n''Coat of Arms:'' Wagon Wheel on a Field. \n''Government:'' Semi Democratic Mercantile Council. \n''Capital:'' New Semb’a (Pop. 12,095)\n''Major Cities:'' \n* Mountain Home (Pop. 9,891)\n* Sarbin (Pop. 3,210)\n* Inslee (Pop 3,841)\n* Selinwood (pop. 1,210)\n* Perindal (Pop. 813)\n* Zemare (pop. 482)\n* Gollinworth (Pop. 1,871)\n''Population:'' 2,058,538 (75% Human, 1% Elf, 1.25% Half Elf, 2% Dwarf, 7% Halfling, 4% Gnome, 4% Half Orc, 1% Orc, 4.75% Other) Number grows by up to 1,600,000 In trade seasons.\n''Working Population:'' 1,235,123\n''Languages:'' All. National Standard is Coramyrian. \n''Starting Equipment:'' \n* 200 Extra gold \n* Mount with Saddle and bridle \n* Longsword and Chain Mail Shirt \n''Resources:'' \n* ''Exports:'' Foodstuff, Timber, Luxury Goods, Wines, Ales, Metal Work, Fine Gems \n* ''Imports:'' Anything \n''Coinage:'' Semb, Decka (PP), Gekia (GP), Eleca (EP), Silda (SP), Peca (CP) \n''Religions:'' Gildor, Elinastri, Tyche \n''Allies:'' Larindor, Nevermore\n''Enemies:'' The Rook, Sildara\n\n''Overview:'' Semb’a is a proud nation created by those who value trade and money over anything else. It occupies the Eastern Coast line between the Mithral Holdings, Hawkmoore Sildara, Helms Hold and Nevermore. It’s lands are primarily made of either mountainous & hill covered regions heavy with mineral deposits to the west which are heavily mined by the nation for supplies of Mithral, Iron, Silver and Star Metal. \n\nLush Plains give the land plenty of area for both crops and livestock, which it often sells north to Helms hold, while the two forests, are also heavily logged, something which has resulted in the destruction of large sections of the Barlin forest and caused tensions with Sildara.\n\nTwo main cities occupy the land New Semb’a the nations capital is a large port and trading hub, thousands of merchants come through it’s gates each month those taking coasters down the coast to the south. It experiences warm weather almost all year, though winters can cause a number of storms and in late Autumn Hurricanes are known to form off shore. \n\nMountain Home, the second largest city of Semb’a was once a dwarven outpost until the nation took it over, it has since become one of the main trade stops on the Northern East - West trade route, and while it gets considerable colder winters it is still considered to be one of the best stops for any trade caravan. \n\nTo many Semb’a appears to be almost xenophobic like the Rook, non humans are frowned on and stared at and it is true they are generally not treated as equals however, trade is what this nation survives on and it is far from stupid enough to push out those who bring it. \n\n''Military:'' Semb’a has a strange Military, as a nation it has no standing military force rather each Family has their own guard and by the pacts and treaties that hold the nation together must during a time of war supply the nation with up to 80% of his mercantile guard to the Nation for defense. \nThis makes it extremely hard to judge the exact make up of the nation’s forces as it is known that many houses often lie about the true numbers they have in there employ. \n\nIt is estimated that the total of the house’s guards when applied to the national defense, would total roughly 24,702 people, give or take a thousand. \nGm Note: If you use this force remember these are trained merchant guard, they will always be of at least 4th - 6th level fighters.\n\n''History:'' 436 years ago Semb’a was by founded King Elgran Semb’a the First, for almost A two hundred years it survived as such one of the most powerful nations of it’s time until the assassination of the entire royal family brought the country down. In the resulting chaos many of the towns and villages became nothing more then break away states and so it remained for almost 40 years until the Merchant Council was formed. Needing better access to resources and trade the council created itself as a semi democratic council and quickly moved through the older lands subduing or destroying those who opposed it. \nSince that time the council has become one of the leading mercantile bodies within the nation and has remained that way ever since, every 20 years a new High Councilor is appointed by the Merchants of the nation and thus as such a balance has been formed. \n\n''Plots and Rumors:'' \n* Some say that there is a plot to kill the High Councilor if this is true, the nation would be thrown into chaos as families turn on each other.
Known to some as the Dark Place, the home of darkness or worse, Shadia is ruled by Curss and Trimble, though other gods also make there residence within this realm. It is a place of Beauty and horrors depending on the look of those who rule within it. \n\nResiding Gods: Curss, Timble, Lilithas\n
While the lightfoot are the halfling’s that travel the most, Shire halfling’s are those who do not appear to be affected by the need to wander. They are the halfling’s that first began the founding of the Burrow’s and who are often found in cities and other places. They are not afraid to show that they are civilised and are often found wearing silks and other finery. \n\nShire Halflings have all the racial abilities of halflings except where noted:\n\n* Shire Haflings gain an extra feat at first level\n* Shire Halflings do not gain the +1 racial save on saving throws as a Lightfoot halfling does\n* Automatic Languages: Common, Hyindali (Halfling)\n* Bonus Languages: Any but secret languages.\n
''Proper Name:'' Sildara\n''Ruler:'' His Royal Majesty Nal’ainam Silarana (LG Male Elf, Wizard 10, Ranger 5, Aristocrat 5) \n''Coat of Arms:'' Green Tree over a Silver Crescent Moon. \n''Government:'' Hierarchy. \n''Capital:'' Sildara (Pop. 16,478) \n''Major Cities:''\n* Ashenvale (Pop. 2,921)\n* Yurinsea (3,109)\n* Ivanlee (Pop. 9,910)\n* Gap (Pop. 1,210)\n* Sakula (481)\n''Population:'' 612,687 (12% Human, 45% Elven, 10% Drow, 13% Half Elf, 1% Dwarf, 4% Halfling, 6% Gnome, 4% Half Orc, 1% Orc, 4% other). \n''Working Population:'' 367,612\n''Languages:'' Silderune, Sylvan, Common, Coramyrian\n''Starting Equipment: ''\n* Master Work Sword of class \n* Masterwork Bow or Two scrolls with two 1st level spells. \n''Resources:'' \n* ''Exports:'' Wood, Magical Items, Art, Weapons, Herbs, Medical Goods \n* ''Imports:'' Metals, Luxury Items, Exotic Foodstuffs, Exotic Art. \n''Coinage:'' Elven, Mithral Peace (PP), Golden Pence (GP), Electrium Pence (EP), Half Electrium Pence (SP), Copper Pence (CP) \n''Religions:'' Corellon, The elvish patheneon, Tempest, Gildor, Obinan, Elinastri, Mystral\n''Allies:'' Burrow Shire, Larindor, Mithral Holding, Aradale, Helms Holding, Silverway \n''Enemies:'' The Rook, Semb’a\n\n''Overview:'' The Third oldest elven realm, Sildara is covered by the great forests that it’s elven population makes their homes within. \n\nThe capital Sildara lives within the great forests and is a mix of all races construction and is considered to be one of the greatest wonders within its boarders. The Southern most region of the nation, is the mountain where most Elves go for there ascension to Avandor to be with the rest of the Elven Patheneons when their souls become to bright to remain within there mortal flesh and is also said to be the place where Corellon forgave those Drow who fought along side the other elven races during the great Drow War. \n\nIvanlee to the east acts as an all year port for the nation and has a deep water harbour, it is here that has much of the human population of the nation, though even here buildings and items are designed to blend and merge into the surrounding country side until it is hard to tell one from the other.\n\nAshenvale to the north west is the main farming and agricultural town of the nation with farms that stretch for hundreds of miles around it, though winters are often cooler then to the south and snow falls can be extreme at times. \n\nYurinsea is the northern most town inhabited mainly by halfling’s, it serves as the nations second sea trading port, with a large number of ships making their trips from here to Maribell and returning, bringing with them ale and tubac which is sent either south along the trade road or sold within the nation.\n\nGap to the south is on the Hawkmoore boarder and is the main overland trading hub, it is a village that often houses far more then it’s official numbers as many use it as a stop on the northern run swinging up through Gap and beyond only to twist back south or to continue north to Helms Holding or the Rook .\n\n''Military:'' Sildara has a standing army that it maintains and keeps in ready action of 7,352 Troops a mix of Elven and other races generally comprising of Rangers, Fighters and Paladins. Furthermore the crown employs an additional 1,000 Troops to act as the kings guard whom are generally Paladins or Clerics. These forces however are not stationed in any one place, instead they are spread out in smaller size packets between the larger cities and the numerous villages and holdings in the land, each helping to remove any problems such as wayward creatures, rampaging monsters and also acting as boarder guard. \n\nThe Nation can call upon close to 5,000 Battle trained Mages, and 100 High wizards in times of great need, as well as a further 10,000 trained troops. Beyond this most of the elven, half elven and dwarven populations have experience in general combat and training. \n\n''History:'' Sildara was founded during the elves migration and once controlled much of the region from it’s present location north to the Rook and south to the Elf War wastes, when the first Elf War broke out, it was originally in part due to Sildara. \n\nIn the years that have followed Sildara though has slowly withdrawn back into itself, keeping much of it’s own history to itself and thus making it some what of a mystery to the other nations. It is known that it suffered greatly at the hands of the Rook during the nations march across the northern most lands of Aran, and that it was also one of the original council members of Larindor, however aside from this much of what is known of the nation is myth and legends. \n\nRoughly 80 years ago however it is known that the nation objected loudly to Hawkmoore’s attempt to claim some of it’s lands, including the gap and showed the might to actually push the nation back, close to a hundred elven high mages appeared outside the city in the space of a day, a show of power that many have been forced to swallow at. \n\nIn more recent times it has also began to warn Semb’a about it’s continual logging, fearing that the younger human nation may turn it’s eyes towards it’s forests.\n\n''Plots and Rumors:'' \n* Some say that the King is sick, and soon may pass away. If this was to happen with no heir announced civil war may break out.
''Ruler:'' Eltarin Delss (LN Male Half Elf, Fighter 5, Ranger 5, Aristocrat 3)\n''Coat of Arms:'' A Green and red Silk Banner.\n''Government:'' Lordship. \n''Capital:'' Silkdale (8,900)\n''Major Cities:''\n* Silkentree (891)\n* Forestsouth (881)\n* Eveinelk (2,210)\n''Population:'' 955,140 (21% Human, 11% Elf, 12% Drow, 43% Half Elf, 4% Dwarf, 3% Halfling, 3% Gnome, 1% Half Orc, 1% Orc, 1% Other)\n''Working Population:'' 573,084\n''Starting Equipment:''\n* Two longswords and a suit of Leather Armor\n* A longbow, chain shirt and 50 arrows\n* Two scrolls containing any 2 first level spells and a wand containing any 1st level spell.\n''Resources:'' \n* ''Exports:'' Wood, Grain, Foodstuffs, Magic Arms, Wondrous Items, Exotic Goods, Silk\n* ''Imports:'' Metals, Wood, Exotic Goods, Spices, Ale, Tubac.\n''Coinage:'' Nevermorian.\n''Languages:'' Silderune, Sylvan, Coramyrian, Common.\n''Religions:'' The elvish patheneon\n''Allies:'' Aradale, Silverway\n''Enemies:'' The Horde, Tiamat’s Claws, The Nine Hells.\n\n''Overview:'' The most southern of Aran’s western nations Silkdale is a nation founded by half elves in many respects. Here half elves are the majority not the minority they do not need to feel like out castes instead they live among their own kind and that of their kin, elves and humans. \n\nIt is perhaps this outlook that also brings so many of the surface drow to Silkdale, what ever the reason though silkdale is like it’s name suggests one of the primary exporters of Silk in Aran, farming spider silk from the spiders that live within the Silktree forest and gathering it from the rare Silk Tree’s. \n\nIt’s Capital is Silkdale a moderately sized town/city that rests along the Zelkin river and acts as the south western trade stop for those taking the great desert road (Also known as the southern trade route) to the west. It’s buildings are small yet practical, the largest of them actually being warehouses and silk spinning houses. \n\nSouth of Silkdale is the Silktree forest and Forest South the primary harvesting point for the nations silk, much of the villages small population are elves and druids who work together to make certain that the forest is not overused. \n\nSilkentree to the west of forestsouth is the nations only port, and the lack of a deepwater harbour has effected it’s growth. It does however serve as one of the main routes for elves coming from Silverway or even for silk and other goods heading north along the coast line. \n\n''Military:'' Silkdale maintains a small standing army of 11,400 to protect it’s borders and maintain the peace, though it is extremely rare that they are called to do the second, instead generally leaving the peace making to the city watch’s or patrollers. Instead much of their numbers are spread along the eastern and southern boarders to keep watch for activity from the Horse Nomads in the plains or from the devils inhabiting the Hells’ Citadel to the south. \n\nThe present commander of the Silkdale Militia is Felisa Starbrow (CG, Female Hlf Elf, Ranger 15, Fighter 5).\n\n''History:'' Originally part of Aradale, silkdale ceded over three millennia ago due to the increased number of half elves living within it’s territory and the growing number of wars that it choose not to get involved with. \n\nIt faced for a time efforts from it’s parent to reintegrated it, at first by force then later by diplomacy both attempts where rebuked however and Aradale saw it easier to acknowledge Silkdale as a land then to continue to attempt to take it’s lands. \n\nIn the time since it’s founding, Silkdale has though faced a number of large problems, the Horse Nomads often referred to as the Hordes constantly raid the nations eastern most lands, and the loss of one of it’s largest cities during the gods wars has plagued it ever since as the city itself has become a haven for devils and other spawn who use it as a launching point to raid north. \n \n''Plots and Rumors:'' The raids from the south are continuing to grow in numbers, has a gate been opened in the Citadel? Are the Devils breeding more? Or is it possible that some one is actually leading them?\n
Silver elves are the most common of elves.\n\nThey are also known as moon elves and have fair hair (sometimes tinged with silver or gold) and hair of silver-white, black, blue or gold. Their eyes are blue, green or amber with golden flecks. They are still the Elven sub race most tolerant to humankind, and most half-elves are the descendants of Moon Elves. \n\nA large number of moon elves have taken up residence in Larindor as well as in the Rook City state those of the later due to the fact that they are considered to be higher class residents and many who reside in the City State are extremely elitist in those they choose to breed with.\n\nSilver Elves have all the racial abilities of normal elves from the PHB.\n\n* Automatic Languages: Common, Silderian, Elven \n* Bonus Languages: Any
''Proper Name:'' The Elven Nation of Silverway\n''Ruler:'' Queen Isabelle Delrana\n''Coat of Arms:'' Silver River on a Silver Tree.\n''Government:'' Monarchy.\n''Capital:'' Tel’Silver’Re (11,930)\n''Major Cities:''\n* Tel’Quisar’Nalinda (10,721)\n''Population:'' 1,221,000 (4% Human, 82.5% Elven, 8.5% Drow, 5% Half Elven)\n''Working Population:'' 1,359,412\n''Languages:'' Silderune, Sylvan, Common\n''Starting Equipment:'' \n* Mwk. Long Bow, Leather Armor and 50 arrows\n* Mwk. Longsword, Studded Leather\n* 3 Wands of any 1st level spell. \n''Resources:''\n* ''Exports:'' Elven made goods, Timber, magical items, weapons and armor. \n* ''Imports:'' Exotic Items. \n''Coinage:'' Elven\n''Religions:'' The Elvish Patheneon\n''Allies:'' Larindor, Silkdale, Aradale\n''Enemies:'' The Clans of Lolth, The Servants of the Dark Mask, Tiamat’s Claws, The Rook.\n\n''Overview:'' The home and birthplace of the Elves, silverway is considered to be a holy land by them, the place that the Elvish Patheneon came to the world and actually gave their entire race life. \n\nIt isn’t known if the myths are true or not but Silverway is the oldest nation in existence, and every elven land in aran, even that of the Drow can trace it’s line back to the island. \n\nA virtual paradise, Silverway is the picture of harmony at least on the surface, it’s cities are built to be one with nature except the capital which has towers that can be seen from the mainland, giant glittering spires that rise thousands of feet into the sky. \n\nHowever under the exterior Silverway has it’s own problems, the Queen rules her people by the grace of the elven gods whom selected her, however she knows that she can not force any of those on the island into actually acting with out risking at least one of the great houses complaining. \n\n''Military:'' Silverways true army is not known by any but the queen and her most trusted advisors, it’s known that the nation has in past times shown a large number of soldiers yet the exact nature and number of them is hard to pinpoint. The only single group that is in constant supply and numbers is the Royal Guard, numbering at 1,250 troops they are the queens loyal bodyguard and protectors, answerable only to her and charged with her safety and protection. \n\nThe Present head of the Royal Guard is Erisin Sevilis (CG, Male Gold Elf, Duskblade 20) who has held the position for the last 200 years.\n\n''History:'' The history of Silverway is the history of the Elven race in many respects, no one knows much about it at all and every one has a rumor or a myth at the same time. It is known that Silverway was the first place that the Elves can remember and as such is believed to be the land of their origin, and from here that they spread out across aran building their great nations, only to watch them fall as the elf war began. \n\nBeyond this Silverway is a mystery, it’s history cloaked and those who know do not share it.\n\n''Plots and Rumors:''\n*Why are the elves so secretive about Silverways History? Some say that there is a tomb hidden within the palace that tells why.
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Surface Drow where once part of the drow race but during the Drow - Elven wars they split and worked along side the surface elves to drive back their brothers and sisters. In doing so many sacrificed themselves and where forgiven by the Silderian for the crimes of their ancestors. \n\nSurface drow are generally the same as their normal drow cousins in look but are not as Twisted and Corrupt instead treat them more as Moon/Silver Elves in this regard.\n\nUse the Drow Statistics but make the following changes:\n\n* Dark Vision is replaced with the normal low-light vision of the elves, \n* Light blindness: is removed. \n* favored classes are:\n* - Male: Wizard or Sorcerer, \n* - Female: Sorcerer or Cleric. \n* ECL +2\n* Automatic Languages: Silderian, Common, Drow\n* Bonus Languages: Any
The home of Graz’zt who has taken great care to make certain that others whom reside here swear loyalty to him and him alone, except for Lolth whom he has allowed some sections of the Abyss to. As per the Nine Hells the Abyss is described in detail in other places (The book of Vile Darkness, etc) and is the same except that Graz’zt is a God, and Demogorgon was slain by him and his servants and realms taken by Graz’zt.\n\nResiding Gods: Graz’zt \n
Beyond the innerplanes and yet closer then the outter planes lies the Celestial planes, those in which the gods themselves reside and to where those who die go for there eternal rest. These planes are described below however many of the details are left untouched as those who reside on the plains have control over their domains. \n
The home of Lolth and her minions the Demon Web Pits are at times associated with the Abyss, though not always. They are as described in Manual of the Planes and the such and are not repeated here. They are diffrent however that many of the other gods whom existed with Lolth within the Pits have since fallen. \n\nResiding Gods: Lolth and the Drow Pantheon
The Elemental planes are the place where the raw energy of creation exists, They at times overlap the material plane and as such are considered to be directly linked with them, meaning that one need not travel first to the Ethereal or Shadow plane to reach them, and indeed in some places one may actually be able to walk if protected from the harm of the element directly from the Material into the Elemental Plane. Such boarders and weaknesses generally occure in the most primal places of the world, Volcano’s, Deep in the Ocean and so forth. \n\nIt is through the interactions of the Elemental Planes with the Material plane that Magic is formed, pooling to create the Plane of Mystrica. \n\nThe Elemental planes follow all the rules in the DMG.
''Proper Name:'' The Endless Plains\n''Ruler:'' None, Clan Based system. \n''Coat of Arms:'' None\n''Government:'' Clans\n''Capital:'' Urigan (650)\n''Major Cities:'' None\n''Resources:'' \n* ''Exports:'' Pelts and Unique Goods\n* ''Imports:'' Anything\n''Coinage:'' None\n''Population:'' Roughly 3,190,210\n''Working Population:'' Unknown\n''Languages:'' Common\n''Starting Equipment:'' \n* Bow of your choice, Hide or Leather Armor and Arrows.\n* a Light Warhorse\n* Scimitar and light chain shirt. \n''Religions:'' Any.\n''Allies:'' None\n''Enemies:'' None\n\n''Overview:'' The Endless Plains, are not endless though they may as well be, from within them raiders who still follow the old traditions of their people move out and hit the lands around it, experts on the horse they are a clan based people much like the Mongolians of earth. \n\nA single city exists within the area Urgran that acts as a trade point between the clans, it is the only place that all clans consider to be neutral territory. It is unknown how many actual clans exist within the area only that at least four hundred do.\n \n''Military:'' There is no organized military within the endless plains however the clans do contain a large number horsemen who travel as clans, the exact size and make up of the groups change dependent on the clan but most ride on light war horses and use scimitars. \n \n''History:'' Once part of the great horde lands the endless plains is all that exists of the lands the great clan conquered centuries ago, and even then it has become little more then broken clans who fight against each other. The history of the region can not be accurately depicted far as it would require listing thousands of clans histories. \n \n''Plots and Rumors:'' Rumor has it a great clan chief has began to conquer the other clans and is planing on attacking the lands to the east and the west.
Also known as the Dwarven Halls, the Halls of the Titans or the House of Ale and Comfort, the Mithral halls are the residence of the Dwarven gods, Gond and Tarinas, and it is where all those who are dwarves will find there souls when they die. It is said that the sounds of Gond and Tarinas fighting often can be heard down the long halls, especially after Tarinas has broken one of Gonds newest toys. \n\nResiding Gods: Moradin, Garl Glittergold, \nDumathoin, Tarinas and the rest of the Dwarven and Gnomish Patheon.\n
Things that Effect any and all worlds within the Aran Universe, such as gods and the planes
The nine hells are the domain of Asmodeous and is described in great detail within the Book of Vile Darkness, Manual of the Planes as such the information is not repeated here except to say that appart for the fact that all ‘Lords’ are considered to be Lesser Dieties and their offspring Demigods, the hells remain the same. \n\nTiamat also makes the Hells her home, residing within the first layer. \n\nResiding Gods: Asmodeus, Tiamat, Glaysa
The outlands follow all rules for the Outlands including the existance of Sigil. \n\nNote: Magic is harder to cast here, all Caster Level Checks are Considered to be at -4 Caster Level, if this removes the ability to cast a spell (you fall below of the Required Caster level) Then you may not use that spell within this plane. \n
The Plane of Shadow\n \nThe Plane of Shadow both Neighbours and overlaps the Material plane, and like the etheral many (Actually unlike the Etheral it touchs ALL) others as well. It is a dark twisted mirror of the reality of the Material plane made even more alien by the fact that often things are simular and yet compleatly diffrent. Color is nothing but a distance memory within this plane, black, white and the shades of grey reign compleate the sky a continous vault of darkness that seems to swollow all light, no sun nor star shine within it at all. Emotions are simularly muted and only the strongest or some say the most primal of them remain true, Hunger, Exhustion, Pain remain untouched while Love and Anger are distant things seemingly sucked from the person. Items from the Material plane exist within this world as shadowy twisted reflections of what they are within the real world, and as such many others call the plane home. The plane is the very mirror of the Material and all other planes, cast not by the light of a sun or a star but by the very magic and essence that infuses them and some indeed believe that the plane itself is not the shadow of any plane but all other planes are rather the ‘shadows’ of the shadow plane. What ever the case maybe the Shadow plane exists and as some over the years have learnt is a potent and yet deadly place. \n\nClosely Linked with Mystrica and with every other plane the shadow plane can be used as a source of magic and as a place of travel for those daring enough to risk such. For while the area’s close to the material plane appear to be familure the plane is anything but ‘round’ in places it is touched by deeper shadows that lead further into plane and thus further away from the material plane and out towards the others. The shadow plane is the One and only plane other then Limbo and the Outworld that touchs in some way or another all other planes. \n\nExcept as noted above, the Plane of Shadow follows the rules within the Tome of Magic and The DMG.
''Proper Name:'' The City Nation of Gildors’ Rook\n''Ruler:'' Arch Magistra Narisila Ilusiaweave (CE Gold Elf Female, Wiz 22, Archmage 5 (Specialized Divination)) \n''Coat of Arms:'' Black Castle/Rook \n''Government:'' Mageocracy, ruled by the Guild De Magus. \n''Capital:'' Gildors’ Rook (Population 12,699) \n''Major Cities:'' \n* Kaldari (Pop. 4,732, Karhn Geragh (LE Hmn Male, Sorc 16, Arist 2)\n* Verdin (3,219)\n* Brinsworth (892)\n''Population:'' 572,893 (35% human, 20% elf, 0% drow, 25% half elven, 0% dwarven, 10% halfling, 5% gnome, 2% half orc, 2% orc, 1% other)\n''Working Population:'' 343,736\n''Languages:'' Common, Rookies, Silderune. \n''Starting Equipment:'' \n* Two Wands of Magic Missiles and Two Scrolls containing one 0 level spell and one 1st level spell. \n''Resources: ''\n* ''Exports:'' Timber, Foodstuffs (Wheat and Grains as well as some cattle), Magic Goods, Some Metals, Herbs \n* ''Imports:'' Metals, Luxury Items, Elvish made Items, Orog Made Items. (Dwarven Goods are banned for import). \n''Coinage:'' Rookian, King (PP), Queen (GP), Bishop (EP), Knight (SP), Pawn (CP). \n''Religions:'' Curss, Gildor, Mystral, Tiamat, Corellon, Elven Patheneons\n''Allies:'' Scarlet Brothers, Tiamat’s Claws, Knights of the Dark Mask \n''Enemies:'' The Loyal Hand of Bahumat, Larindor, Hawkmoore, Nevermoore, Sildara, Mithral Holding, Helm Hold. \n[>img[images/The_Rook_small.jpg][images/The_Rook.JPG]\n''Overview:'' The Rook, for better or worse is known simply as that, some say the name with joy and pride others say it with dread and not many could blame them. For as long as the Rook has existed within Aran it has been known to cause problems, it’s xenophobic attitudes towards those outside it’s own borders and towards dwarves, are beyond what any could truly imagine.\n\nThe largest and oldest city of the Rook is Gildors’ Rook, located in the far north it is by rights a frontier city, except that it was never founded by any of the existing nations, instead it simply appeared there, 826 years ago and moved to claim the lands around it. A dark and gloomy city it is made primarily of black and red marble like stone. \n\nThe State itself is a closed system, it relies on it’s mages to do the ruling and cares little of any one else’s opinions. At present the Diviners guild holds the most power within the Guild De Magus, though this can change at almost any time as each guild vies for power.\n\n''Military:'' The Rook has what at first glance appears to be a small standing army, until one takes a look at the number of mages and the talents available to them, The Guilds themselves act as a army the Largest the Guild of Diviners being at last count 3,000 Strong, while the Guild of Evocers only slightly smaller with 2,849 at last count. The State keeps a steady guard of 6,475 battle ready troops, and 400 city guard, though each guild also has it’s own house military the exact numbers not being easy to gather. Within the Boarders the Guild of Diviners acts as the Police, and many of the cities problems are often removed before they can even become a problem. Only Human, Elves or Half Elves are allowed entrance into the Guilds or the Militia though from time to time those who prove their worth in the Arena’s of the Rook are given the reward of being allowed to join the Military for indefinite service. \nThe other large group used other then the use of their enemies own dead bodies is to charm or intimidate a number of the more Barbaric races such as Orc’s and Ogres into their employ, using such races as fodder to soften up an enemy. It should be noted though that the Rook very rarely attacks openly, preferring to use subterfuge, assassination or provoking Civil unrest to destabilize an opponent before teleporting their mages in to finish the job. \n\n''History:'' Once a City state in another world, the Rook was transported in it’s entirety to Aran during an arcane accident caused by the Guild of Conjuration. The Resulting effect was the entire city and population being shifted across space, time and the planes into the world of Aran. Shortly after it’s arrival within the world, the Rook closed all of it’s boarders after declaring those boarders (The Boarders have not changed much since they first arrived), and where not heard from for close to eighty years. During those eighty years of Silence the Rook spent a large amount of time re-inventing much of it’s Government system, the Guild of Mages took complete control of the city, and where approached by the Scarlet Brothers with a proposition, taking it into account the council agreed to work with them and the Birth of the Rook as it stands now came into existence. All races other then Humans, Elves and Half Elves where rounded up and their citizenship revoked, they where made into second class people who had little or no rights within the nations boarders. At the same time the guild created the Black Watch, a secret police group, lead by a cleric of curss to keep tabs on people and their doings. \n\nEven after the opening of the boarders for trade the Rook has kept much of it’s doings secret, races other then the most common are denied access to their lands and the first goblin caravan that attempted to travel through the lands where sent back in pieces including their bodies which walked themselves out. It is known that at least four purges have occurred within the two cities over the course of the years, during these purges those who are not loyal completely to the state or the guilds are rounded up and placed into camps, in side the camps they are generally forced to work as slave labour producing any goods that the council demands. The last purge occurred roughly five years ago. \n\nRoughly Six to Five hundred years ago the Rook Launched a massive assault on the southern nations battering it’s way through their defenses and actually claimed much of Helm Hold, Sildara and Hawkmoore, however the Guild of Necromancy at the time got far to greedy for it’s own good and continued to push the assaults, Instead it lead to the destruction of a large section of the Rooks army and the loss of the territory that it had actually gained. \n\nThis disaster resulted in the creation of the Knights of the Dark Mask, founded originally by the Guild of Enchanters and the Guild of Divination, they are an elite group of Assassins and thieves often used by the state to take out problem ‘people’ or for espionage against other realms. \n\nWithin the last few years the Rook suffered heavy losses both in it’s attempts to take over Larindor through covert action and in attacks against the Nations of Hawkmoore and Nevermore, the resulting casualties have resulted in an upheaval within the government allowing the guild of Diviners to take control, replacing the guild of Necromancy.\n\n''Plots and Rumors:'' \n* A number of ‘Trouble Makers’ have recently vanished with out trace, is the Guild Responsible? \n* The Rook has suffered two reversals in as many years, and the blame is being laid squarely on the Guilds of Necromancy and Evocation where they set up?
\n[<img[images/harlath.jpg][images/harlath_large.jpg]]\n\n\nClick the image for a larger view.
Tyrants hand is a place of suffering and madness, It is to this plane that those with out a god find themselves arriving, forever to live out there eternal rest as peices of the very reality of the plane. It is not uncommon for one to find a cup that cries at the injustice it believes to have been done to it for not worshiping a god. \n\nResiding Gods: Kelingrandal
''Proper Name:'' Valralian\n''Ruler:'' Empress Talina Revara the Fourth\n''Coat of Arms:'' A Volcano and a Red Dragon.\n''Government:'' Monarchy\n''Capital:'' Oathium\n''Major Cities:'' Nevernight (9,810), Embersea (9,431), Beufort (7,410), Tanril (1,910), Neverithrall (931), Ganwelin (1,292)\n''Population:'' 7,581,272 (24% Human, 3% Elf, .5% Drow, 20% Half elf, 2% Dwarf, 23.5% Halfling, 13.25% Gnome, 11.5% Half Orc, 1.23% Orc, 1.02% Other)\n''Working Population:'' 4,548,763\n''Languages:'' Common, Moreain, Silderune\n''Starting Equipment:'' \n* One m.wrk Weapon of your choice, Chain Shirt\n* Any two scrolls of your choice containing 2 spells of 1st level\n* A chain shirt and 2 potions of cure light wound\n''Resources:'' \n* ''Exports:'' Metals, Timber, Fruits, Grains, Ale, Pipeweed, Amber, Furniture\n* ''Imports:'' Anything.\n''Coinage:'' Nevermoreian\n''Religions:'' Any\n''Allies:'' Silkdale\n''Enemies:'' The East Horde, the Dark Masks, Gruumish’s hand\n\n''Overview:'' Once a province of Nevermore, Valralian split from it’s parent almost 1,2000 years ago. Occupying the southern lands between nevermore and the endless plains it is one of the most tolerable nations of the east. \n\nMuch of it’s population is made up of orc’s, humans and halfling’s along with gnomes and half elves, making it one of the most diverse of the nations something that is most evident in Oathium the nations capital where Halfling houses often sit between human dwellings and orc houses with gnome’s below them. \n \nThe nation itself has a mix of terrain from the Grimloch marshes caused when the destroyer aspect curss tore the city apart, and now home to some of the worse creatures known to exist including a great black wyrm who is known to terrify wagon teams that travel the road between Beufort and Embersea.\n\nThe nation is split into four provinces each centered on the four large towns and named after each.\n\n''Military:'' Valralian unlike Nevermore maintains only a small standing force, rather then have to constantly pay an army the empire instead maintains militia groups based around the four great cities, the actual make up of these armies differ but each province is required \n\nEach province is required to maintain an army of at least 10,000 able to be called up for duty at any time, while a further 50,000 must be able to be called within 2 days. \n\nMuch of the Army’s duty is tasked with keeping the various horse nomads raiding down and protecting the trade roads and borders. At times they are also tasked with cleaning out the worst of the creatures in the Grimlock Marshes. \n \n''History:'' Once part of nevermore, Valralin split from it’s parent shortly after the gods war, since that time it has faced increase raids from the west, and lost one of it’s largest cities when Curss attacked and destroyed it using a great black wyrm to lead his host. \n\nAs the raids have increased over the past fifty years the nation has built a number of outposts along the western boarders, and has been forced to dispatch a number of it’s lancers to protect it. \n\n''Plots and Rumors:'' \n* Something stirs within the marsh, what it is no one truly knows. \n* The Raiders continue their assaults in larger and larger armies
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Welcome to the Aran Campaign Setting Interactive atlas. \n\nFor the moment you'll have to excuse the lack of words here, Until everything else is done this is gonna be fairly blank.